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Rentsource – Recovering the lost SEO ranking

Client Overview: Rentsource is a leading equipment and tool rental company that serves the Newmarket and Aurora regions. The company is known for its top-quality brand-name equipment and exceptional delivery services to job sites. Rentsource specializes in offering a diverse mix of products for general construction and industrial tools. The company aims to build long-term […]

Design Values: Safety, Quality, and Innovation

Client Overview: GrayCyan collaborated with Top Extracts, a US-based e-commerce company specializing in high-quality Kratom products sourced from trusted suppliers. The client sought GrayCyan’s expertise to revamp their website and enhance their customers’ experience.   Client’s Vision and Requirements: Top Extracts aimed to create a visually compelling, user-centric website that reflects their values of safety, […]

Techie Design for a Tech Company

Client Overview: GrayCyan partnered with Phiston Technologies, a leading physical destruction company based in the United States. Phiston is known for its work with major tech companies like Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and Salesforce, positioning itself as a frontrunner in on-site data storage media destruction. As manufacturers of data destruction machines, Phiston sought GrayCyan’s expertise to […]

Crafting a vintage look

Client Overview: GrayCyan collaborated Vintage Jewelry Trade, an emerging e-commerce platform specializing in vintage jewelry. The client’s commitment to offering authentic vintage gold and silver pieces, with a unique focus on native jewelry, particularly Navajo creations, underscored their dedication to quality and authenticity. Seeking to translate their vision into a captivating online presence, they turned […]

Ideas to Start an Online Side Business in 2022

If you are ready to put in time and effort, making money online is not a big deal. It has the potential to become a primary source of income. Today, we will outline some online business ideas to help you go in the right direction in 2022. While some of these can help you with […]

What are some examples of bad web design?

The design, layout, and content of a website directly affect the overall user experience. There is a large number of websites on the internet that more or less serve the same purpose. Now the question is, what makes a web designs better than the others? The answer lies in the website itself. A well-designed website […]

How to Get Backlinks in 2022

A common tactic of SEO (search engine optimization), link building is all about improving a site’s ranking with the SERP’s. Search engine results pages, by earning links from other websites. A cost-effective, and when done correctly, highly lucrative method of driving traffic, establishing link building opportunities can be made even quicker and simpler with the […]

Seven Major Google Algorithm Updates

Having undergone numerous changes since its debut, Google’s search ranking algorithm now has continual google updates to help it deal better with low-quality content criminals, and at our digital marketing agency in Toronto. We can help your website stay on the right side of the cyber law. However, if you’re in Canada and choose not […]

What is the future of website design?

If you were born in the era of the internet, it can be hard to imagine a time when the answers to your questions were found in books, not online, or finding your way to a new location meant referring to a paper map, not a pin on a mobile screen. In fact, for those […]

What are the top 10 websites a web developer must-see?

If you’re an aspiring web developer, then looking at other websites to help you gain the latest information about new trends and standards, coding language and best practices can be hugely beneficial, and you could significantly improve your web development skills and keep abreast of the industry as a whole. In fact, even if you’re […]

What are the most important steps to design a website?

Websites are often crucial to the success of a business, and if yours is in need of an upgrade, or you don’t even have one yet. The sooner you can begin thinking about creating one or improving your existing one, the better. Your online presence, that’s assuming you have one, is often the key to […]

What are Some Top Website Design Tips to Increase Web Traffic?

Customers are the sole reason behind the success of any business, and without them, it’s hard to keep going. If your business has a website to advertise your goods and/or services. Then doubtless one of your main priorities is finding out how to generate custom via web traffic. So that you can boost your sales […]

Where can I find the best web designers in the world?

Finding the best web designers is not always an easy process, and many business owners have had negative experiences when they’ve hired designers and the relationship has gone sour, or they weren’t provided with the service or quality they had been led to believe they would receive. Ultimately, you hire a web designer because you […]

How is Graphic Design Different from Web Design?

Using layout, images and type, web designers reach out to their audiences and communicate with them visually, and when doing so, they take many different factors into account, such as the brand they’re attempting to represent, design goals, type of audience or customer and the specific needs of their client. In many ways, graphic design […]

How to Choose a Web Design Company?

If you’re not already working with a web design agency that you’re happy with, how do you choose the right firm to develop the online face of your business?   Take the following steps to help you make an informed decision when choosing a web design company:   Check out their own website Doing this […]

10 Amazing Facts about Responsive Web Design

If you are into website designing or development, you must be familiar with the hottest trend – responsive website design. In simpler terms, a responsive theme enables an optimal website viewing experience irrespective of screen size, orientation, and platform. These responsive designs come with the prime benefit of any website loading within a fraction of […]

9 Best Small Business Website Builders

Not all small business owners know how to build a website (or a good one, at least). More often than not, even if you spend hours searching on the internet, you’re no closer to being able to do it yourself because you simply don’t have the relevant know-how and skills. You can be an astute, […]

Top Nine Most Common Website Problems and How to Prevent Them

A website can be best defined as a bridge which connects you to thousands of potential buyers. Thus, it becomes crucial to maintain a decent website to be a leader in the industry. The main problem with the digital area is the constantly changing trends and not keeping your website Design up-to-date. This will automatically […]

10 Responsive Web Design Problems and Fixes

While your website may work well on a desktop, that doesn’t automatically mean that it’ll do the same on other devices, such as a mobile or tablet. So, you need to ensure that it has a responsive design to prevent you from missing out on potential customers. It is, however, not quite as simple as […]

Top 10 Most Common Website Problems and Solutions

Designing a website that is effective at attracting potential customers, retaining them and turning them into paying visitors. That go on to improve a business’s bottom line, is of course the overriding purpose, and primary intention of every web designer or business owner. However, while the intention is clear, the path to reaching that goal […]

Solutions to 3 Common Website Design Issues

While there are many more than 3 problems that you may encounter when designing a website. It can be helpful to tackle the most common ones before you move on to any others. Here we look in a little more detail at 3 of the most website design Issues, along with their solutions; ignore them […]

8 Common Website Design Problems

Anyone involved in the world of web design will know that not only does technology change as often as the wind, but trends do, too. What was popular as a marketing tool last month, may no longer be as effective now. Keeping on top of these trends and changes as they occur, is the single […]

Web Design Checklist: Common Problems and Solutions

A perfect website simply doesn’t exist. The only constant in the world of web design is Change and not keeping up to date with the latest trends is a bad omen for both web designers and business owners. Web design can be an extensive and complex process because the success of a website is measured […]

10 benefits of Responsive Web Design

Introduction Responsive web design is super popular in the information technology sector. With the expansion in the horizon of devices and access to the World Wide Web (WWW), web pages have had to incorporate several changes to make their users feel comfortable navigating their sites. Hence, when Google announced that SEO rankings would also depend […]

5 Challenges In Web Application Development

The development of web applications is a fast growing and ever changing industry. Due in part to advancements in technology, coupled with fluid fashions and tumultuous trends. With almost every modern business advertising their wares on brightly colored websites designed to draw users in, standing out from the crowd becomes harder with every passing moment. […]

Web Design Process in 7 Simple Steps

If you’re the owner of a business and are thinking about designing or updating a website. It can be easy to fixate purely upon how it should look and how it will draw in customers on their very first visit. While there is no doubt that this is important, a well thought out and designed […]

Why should you update your website often?

A lot of effort and pure hard work has resulted in the creation of wonderful and creative web pages. Creating a web page starting from its plan until its launch is not a piece of cake. But some website design company Toronto have a real interest, in the beginning, to start it and launch it […]

10 Essential Tips for Improving Your Web Design

Websites are an essential element of any company’s online marketing strategy, and if you’re serious about being successful, your company’s website should reflect that. But what makes a website stand out from its competitors? Visitors to your website should be able to quickly and easily find what they’re looking for, content should be updated regularly […]

How to Create an SEO Friendly Homepage for Your Website

There are a multitude of reasons why a website should have an SEO friendly homepage, and a colorful, informative and engaging one that makes good use of competitive keywords and backlinks, can help push your SEO rankings up, and nudge you ahead of your competitors. When customers turn to popular search engines like Google and […]

5 Tips to Create Killer Website Content

Creating killer content is as important as the visual appeal of a website. There is no point in the aesthetics of a website where the content is mediocre. Good web design as per the latest trends and user experience is important though. Great content on your website helps in Branding your business Showing your authority […]

Choosing a Platform for Your Online Store – Shopify vs WooCommerce

Building an online store is a perplexing task. And selecting the right type of platform needs a lot of research and comparisons to be done. There are different platforms available in the market for eCommerce and with little patience in research and analysis, you can find the right platform that suits your business and expansion […]

5 Easy Steps to Rank Your Website

You know which is the most popular search engine? You guessed it right – Google. It holds the highest search engine market share handling more than 5.4 billion searches each day. Getting your website on the first page of search engines is extremely important for your business to succeed online. About 90% of people never […]

Choosing Right Online Marketplace Website Platform

Fact – Software is the backbone of your Online Marketplace Website. You do not want to get it wrong. Isn’t it? Many marketplace businesses fail just because they did not spend time researching the available software platforms and understanding the pros and cons of each one. Choosing the right website platform saves you a lot […]

Ways to Build MVP of Your Marketplace Website Successfully

Try to answer the following questions before you plan to build MVP of your marketplace website: What kind of marketplace business model do you have? What is your initial budget? Are you technically skilled, if not, what kind of resources do you need to build a marketplace website? The concept of MVP is to build […]

Building Your Marketplace MVP with as Little Money as Possible

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) helps startups with the opportunity to enter into the market with just a test sample that saves time, cost, and resources that go into the complete development of the marketplace. With a small and simple idea, you can transform your marketplace into a global marketplace. Begin thoughtfully! If you have a […]

3 Mistakes to Avoid in your Marketplace Business

Marketplace business is quite different from an online store. It is a challenging task to build a successful marketplace as you need to lure service providers/merchants while building a strong customer base. In an attempt to succeed, many marketplace businesses have failed. Let us look through the three main mistakes to avoid in your marketplace […]

5 Reasons why your Website should have a Blog

Many business owners are skeptical about having a blog in their website. A blog section is often overlooked despite its valuable role in the success of a business. Lack of awareness of the benefits and the perceived effort it takes in maintaining a blog are the main reasons for restraining from having it in their […]

Web Agency in Toronto: 20 Web Design Trends for 2020

20 Web Design Trends for 2020 Web design trends keep changing constantly. There are a few popular styles such as colorful flat illustrations and the minimalist style as that would remain an all-time favorite. But the technical possibilities for web designers seem endless with new techniques to experiment with the earlier styles to reinvent the […]

GrayCyan Exclusive: Grow Your Business and Leads Using SEO

Every business wants to grow big, but what they differ in, is Strategy. For every entrepreneur, the end goal is to grow their business and increase lead generation. Both these goals go hand-in-hand and achieving these follows an iteration loop of analyzing, planning, implementing and testing. Growing your business in such a competitive world might […]

Toronto SEO Specialist: How to Build Backlinks in 2020 (New Guide)

From the day we opened our doors as SEO company Mississauga till date, we have heard many people saying ‘Link Building’ is dead. And GrayCyan, Toronto SEO specialist, has seen many of them getting out of link building business. Many SEO companies in Mississauga rolled down their shutters. Yes, Link Building is Dead; but with […]

What is Online Marketing?

What is Online Marketing? Bill Gates quoted that “The future of advertising is the internet” and we all are living in an era where we trust online platforms more than bill boarding. Online reviews of any brand or product influence us more rather than pamphlets or brochures. This type of marketing is known as online […]

SEO Consultant Toronto: Infographics to Generate Backlinks

What are backlinks? Backlinks or inbound links are the links that are directed to your website from another website. For your website to flourish, you need to get sufficient and consistent backlinks. More backlinks on your site will result in your site look more relevant in the eyes of Google. Google uses backlinks to determine […]

Affordable Web Design: Common Mistakes a Web Designer makes

What is affordable web design? Design is not just an art in itself. Design, graphic and communication, these days, serve to sell. It is business and a good affordable web design helps a business to make more money. It is important to understand that design = business, if you want to succeed as a freelance […]

SEO Canada Services: SEO Strategies to Improve Your Off Page SEO

What is Off- page SEO? Off page SEO is not just about links. When someone talks about off page SEO, they mean things that affect your rankings within the search engine results in pages. Which are not on your website. Off page SEO Canada services is vital for your business if you want the search […]

Web Design Toronto Trends That Need to Go!

Do you remember what kind of clothes you wore or the haircut you adorned in the early 1990s? You were probably convinced that you were the most stylish. But when you look back at old photographs, you will definitely see that what was stylish twenty years ago, is obsolete now. Trends come and go. Just […]

SEO firm Toronto: Some SEO Misconceptions That Could Hurt Your Rankings

SEO is a constantly changing process. And if you are not up to date with the latest strategies, it is easy to get stuck in the old and obsolete processes. Many misconceptions can begin to form over the do’s and don’ts of optimizing your website. If you are trying to handle your SEO on your […]

SEO Consultant Toronto: 25 SEO Tips for Small Businesses

SEO consultant Toronto – tips for small businesses: In this information era, search engine optimization is considered as one of the main marketing strategies. Though it not a direct marketing tactic, it is still one of the most important element to market an online presence of a business. As a business owner, one should understand […]

Responsive Web Designs: Why is it Important for Your Website?

People nowadays are talking about responsive web designs for websites. But what is a responsive website and why is it important for your business?Creating a separate version for every screen size becomes difficult and is not feasible. People visiting the website will usually stop using the website if it does not support their devices. To […]

Web Design Company in Toronto: Broken Links in Wordpress

Once your website has been live for some time, there are a few maintenance tasks that you need to carry out to ensure that your site stays relevant and reliable. One puts in a lot of  hard work and effort into making the website a valuable resource for the visitors. If your links are not […]

B2B Web Development Services in Toronto

We, at GrayCyan, B2B web development Toronto, develop web applications that help your business thrive. From increasing sales to getting new customers or establishing your brand. We provide custom web development solutions to scale your business. Our team of highly skilled developers have extensive technical knowledge. And we understand your needs and goals to make […]

Best Web Design Toronto Services

Best SEO Services in Toronto

Based in Toronto, GrayCyan is a result oriented SEO Toronto company. We can help transform your business by building an exceptional online presence for your business. We do this through our dynamic SEO and web development services. Our well crafted SEO strategies deliver powerful results by resonating with your customers. We track your competition and […]

What makes GrayCyan the Best Web Development and Website Design Toronto?

The world of web development, website design toronto is not just complicated. But is misunderstood as well. You need a trustworthy and a reliable web Design toronto company. If you need to turn your ideas and designs into a high quality website or a web application. Having a visually appealing web design is one of […]

Why Select GrayCyan, SEO company Toronto?

What is SEO? SEO is the process of convincing search engines that your website is the most relevant to serve during customer search. This marketing strategy aims at producing targeted, relevant and organic traffic from Google’s search engine results page. This Organic or Earned result appears in Google’s SERP and these are not paid ads. […]

SEO Company: Five Qualities of a Results Driven SEO agency

For any business to grow in this fast moving digital era it is essential for it to undertake a digital marketing campaign. Hence, Search engine optimization is a very important aspect of digital marketing. Smart phone clients are growing by the thousands every day. So, having a separate website and populating it on digital networks […]

SEO Company Toronto: Secrets to Hiring the Best SEO Agency

Sometimes business owners may feel that they can manage the job of SEO in house, without the help of a professional SEO company Toronto. SEO is proving to be lucrative elements for digital firms. Search engine optimization is an imperative element that assists you in getting your company noticed on the internet. SEO is a […]

SEO Toronto : White Hat SEO is No Longer Relevant!

What is White Hat SEO Toronto? White hat SEO refers to approved search engine optimization tactics. It optimization strategies, techniques that focus on optimizing the website keeping the audience into consideration instead of search engines, which is designed to increase the position of a website on a search engine result page. These tactics are well […]

Website Design Toronto: Give a Professional Look to Your Website

In this digital day and age, a business without an online presence is almost unheard of. A website is a very crucial element of a business as it helps to increase the brand presence via the Internet and breaks all geographical boundaries. Most people rely on the internet for communications, shopping and more. A good […]

Web Development Toronto: SaaS Development Industry Trends to Look Out For!

GrayCyan is the one of the best web development toronto and SEO company. And implements the latest web development trends in your business. What is Software as a Service (SaaS)? SaaS or “Software as a service” is a software licensing model. In which a third party provider hosts applications to make them available to clients […]

SEO Company Toronto: Common Objections to SEO

It is common to get objections during a sales process. As soon as one thinks that things are going smoothly, they are hit with an objection. Clients usually have doubts about the value of the traffic, so it is difficult to convince clients and stakeholders that SEO company toronto is worth investing in. Some of […]

Google Visual Positioning Service = Visual GPS

Google Visual Positioning Service There was time when we used to rely on passersby to seek directions to reach our destination. The advancement in technology has changed the way we have been navigating since the past few years. Everyone has heard of Google Maps. This mapping technology from Google helps you search, explore and find […]

Responsive Web Design,Google Lens: The Lens of the Future!

Google Lens Google Lens, responsive web design, the image recognition technology by Google uses visual analysis based on a neural network to do things. Like point your smart phone at something, for instance, a kind of flower. It not just detects the type of flower, but understands what it detects and offers actions based on […]

Toronto Web Design Services: Trends to Follow while Revamping Your Website

Websites should evolve and grow, just like your business. As an outdated and unprofessional website usually lacks credibility. And leaves a negative impact on the client. So,this may result in potential customers being driven away from the website. Revamping a website may sound like a scary thought for many marketers. Hence, it is something that […]

SEO Firm Toronto: How to Attract More Customers to Your E-commerce Store?

SEO firm Toronto E-commerce store The way of shopping has evolved due to the ever-changing web trends. As the demand for online shopping is increasing It has become very easy to launch an e-commerce store with the help of website platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce. To find the best products and services online, people are […]

SEO Firm Toronto Reporting Best Practices That Boost Client Retention

SEO reporting is a necessary investment for any digital agency, be it big or small. Clients want to see the evidence of progress. SEO reports allow your clients to visualize what they are paying for. And gives them a chance to see which strategies are working and which are not. A consistent SEO firm toronto […]

Mississauga Web Design Company: Google June 3 Broad Core Update: All You Need to Know

All you need to know: Google announces core updates several times a year. Knowing when major updates happen, can help explain to the search marketers. It can help them know about changes that happen in rankings, dip and rise in the organic website traffic. And this in turn helps them improve search engine optimization. As […]

SEO Consultant Toronto: How to Increase SEO Lead Volume by Almost 200 Percent?

Here is how to increase SEO lead volume by almost 200%

Affordable SEO Toronto: Why to Write Blogs Every Week?

Starting a blog: The internet and technology have become deeply en rooted in our day to day lives, making it impossible for us to ignore the benefits of blogging. Your website doesn’t have a ton of pages and it is not very often that you update those pages. So, every time you publish a blog […]

Online Marketing Toronto Magento vs Woo Commerce: Which is the Best for Your Business?

Every large scale or small scale online business today is making the best efforts to look for the best e-commerce platform to meet their business needs. And website builders don’t just create websites, online marketing toronto. They create online stores by providing tools that help you sell your business online. There are many options for […]

Design Firms Toronto: Google To Rank Sites Based on Mobile Versions

Google announcement Google has announced that it would rank all the new web domains on ‘Search’ based on “mobile-first indexing”. Starting July 1, Google would consider the mobile version of any new website instead of the desktop version. It was previously used as the primary version to analyze, index and rank the site on Search. […]

Best SEO Company Toronto: Problems With Architecture Websites

The goal of a good website in context to web design is to enable people to understand the “environment” of your website. This is done to find the information you are looking for. A good website has content which is usable for the visitors and involves the creation of site maps, categorizations, navigation and hierarchies. […]

Best Website Design Toronto: Google To Weigh In On Locally Relevant Search Results

Google is the most popular search engines in the world, having more than 70% of the Search engine market. Google aims to provide to its users with the most relevant search results. Everyone best website design toronto knows for a fact that Google is always evolving. It is always improving the search engine algorithms. This […]

Web Design Company Toronto: Google’s Algorithms and All That

Why do Google algorithms change? The word algorithm refers to the logic-based, step by step procedure for solving a particular problem. And in case of a search engine, the problem is how to find the most relevant web pages for a particular set of search terms. Google finds, ranks and returns the relevant results through […]

Toronto SEO Specialist: Want to Rank on GOOGLE, But Don’t Know How To? Here Are Some DIY Tips

You’ve decided to start a website and you are strapped for cash, so you intend to doing it yourself? Good idea! It will cost you nothing but time. However, if you don’t research some of the rules and guidelines in making it effective and marketable friendly. You would be wasting your time and it could […]

Web Agency Toronto: Why You Should Be Using WORDPRESS For Your Website

You have decided to start a blog or a website and you don’t know where to begin. Just because there is so much available to you out there and it can be quite intimidating, besides overwhelming. Where do you even start looking, right? Well, look no further, because something must be exceptional about WordPress when […]

Web Design Toronto: Breaking the Web Development Myth

Times have changed. Business rolled at every nook and cranny. And website development web design toronto has never been this crucial than today. Imagine yourself making a purchase without going over a digital footprint. Nah. Quite not the scenery we’d hope.And more so, would you trust a business without its own website? Another red flag […]

Seo Services Canada, Local Digital Marketing Services

SEO and Content have been siblings since the dawn of digital marketing. Marketers have always promoted content along with SEO, just not with some fancy coined term. Content marketing is essential to any business’ SEO services Canada strategy. Of course the practice has been prevalent and everything, very few marketers really know the prominence of […]

Professional Web Design Toronto Shopify Review: Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Shopify For E-commerce

What is Shopify? Shopify, professional web design toronto is a Canadian based cloud based e-commerce store platform that has enabled many small businesses and entrepreneurs to sell their goods. It increase their business through a variety of different channels. It was founded in 2004 by Tobias Lutke, Daniel Weinland and Scott Lake after they attempted […]