5 Challenges In Web Application Development

The development of web applications is a fast growing and ever changing industry. Due in part to advancements in technology, coupled with fluid fashions and tumultuous trends. With almost every modern business advertising their wares on brightly colored websites designed to draw users in, standing out from the crowd becomes harder with every passing moment. However, websites and therefore web applications, aren’t set to go anywhere. So it’s imperative that if you have a business you want to promote online. That you formulate a web application development strategy to stay ahead of your competitors and offer customers something that others cannot.

The challenges involved in web application development may be myriad, but some of perhaps the biggest challenges web developers commonly face, crop up at the testing phase. Fundamental to the success of a web application. Testing is a vital phase in the developmental process for many reasons, not least because it helps to ensure that application functions effectively. While every aspect of the testing process has the potential to throw up challenges.

Below are five of the major challenges faced by web application developers:

  1. Integration

Before a web application is deployed, integration testing can highlight issues with interfaces among the varying program components. It can also expose the different issues that an application may have when it interacts with other applications. Inconsistencies in environment and infrastructure, different interaction models and general performance, may also crop up as issues that need to be tackled during integration testing. However, if spotted early enough, the developer can make some adjustments to correct the issues.

  1. Interoperability

One particularly challenging issue can arise when trying to prove end-to-end functionality between the varying communicating systems. As different users obviously use different browsers, this can pose a very real problem for web application developers. Even if the browsers are alike, there is still the chance that the application may appear differently based upon screen resolution and overall software configuration.

  1. Security

The threat of a cyber attack or breach in online security are ever present nowadays. The ways in which they can occur are continually evolving. For this reason, developers must constantly monitor the risk to ensure that a potential threat can be dealt with and neutralized. If an attack should occur and result in a breach of data or loss of information. The tests that deal with data integrity before and after the event are hugely important for developers, too. Dealing with unsecured communications, removing malicious files and utilizing different authentication procedures, are just some of the challenges developers may face in the security testing phase of web application.

  1. Performance

Any professional web developer knows the devastating impact a slow application can have and recognizes the importance users place upon speed. To that end, developers must work hard to ensure that application always performs well when it comes to functioning speed. Performance testing is not without its own set of challenges though, such as how to test large applications on minimal hardware, underestimating software requirements and overextending application features.

  1. Usability

A web based application that has consistent usability is essential and a top priority for web developers. Any less than positive experiences users may have when accessing a web application via a particular browser, can have an instant, and powerfully negative impact upon a brand, making testing for usability, vital. It’s important that they use a representative group to test the application using a variety of browsers.

With so many challenges having the potential to occur at every stage of the web application process. It’s vital that only professionals tackle this particular element of development, and that they remain vigilant throughout the entire process. Web application development can become complicated. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it can end up costing your business in more ways than one.

Giving users a positive experience is the overall aim of good quality web application development. When you work with our team of experienced, highly knowledgeable and professional developers, that will be their sole focus. With in depth testing procedures, trend identification and the consistent delivery of intelligent error reports. Our team can help your brand get where it needs to be, and fast. However, there are no shortcuts when it comes to web application testing. We believe in dedicating ourselves to a task until it reaches completion.

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