What are some examples of bad web design?

The design, layout, and content of a website directly affect the overall user experience. There is a large number of websites on the internet that more or less serve the same purpose. Now the question is, what makes a web designs better than the others? The answer lies in the website itself. A well-designed website design Toronto ensures a good user experience which eventually leads to good site traffic. On the other hand, many websites give users a terrible experience due to many reasons and can be called bad websites.

Here are 10 examples of how exactly a website design should not be:-

  • Pennyjuice.com

Link: https://www.pennyjuice.com/

PennyJuice is a classic example of a bad website design. A website must offer clear navigation for users and must represent its purpose. If you visit this website, you would see everything from layout to content to images used to bright colors to fonts is badly placed. On the landing page, there is an image of two kids. Just above this image, the text is placed which looks nasty. The website doesn’t give a clear idea of its purpose. It’s only when you read the testimonials and know that it sells some kind of juice for kids.


  • Pacific Northwest X-Ray Inc.

         Link: http://www.pnwx.com/

Pacific Northwest X-Ray Inc. is a badly designed website which makes you wonder why did they make it. The gradient dark blue layout makes it harsh on the eyes. The landing page shows randomly placed text in light grey, red and white colors. Which blends with the background and makes it a chore to read and understand.  It’s only when you try hard to read, you’d know that this website sells some x-ray related accessories. The unpleasant color scheme makes navigation quite perplexing leading to a bad user experience.

  • Arngen.net

Link:  http://arngren.net/

This website is an incomprehensible mess. The landing page shows a clutter of products and services which are not interrelated.  The landing page of this website is overwhelming and is too difficult to look through. Generally, when we navigate a website, we scroll vertically but in the case of arngren.net, we have to scroll horizontally because this website doesn’t keep its design to fit in one screen space.

  • Mrbottles.com

Link: http://www.mrbottles.com/

The animated pictures of bottles on the landing page make it interesting to look at. But you would be left disappointed as soon as you start scrolling down. There is too much text on the landing page and everything from text to images is poorly organized. The images and text could have been subcategorized. The font used for the menu bar looks inappropriate and the drop-down menu blends in the background. This is a renowned website among bottle collectors but ironically. The images of bottles that are displayed on the website are of poor quality.

  • Irishwrecksonline.net

Link: http://irishwrecksonline.net/

This website throws light on how exactly the landing page should not be. As soon as you see the landing page, you would lose interest in navigating it.  Light beige background with navy blue text on it makes it look terrible. To add to it, the text and images are placed in the center leaving the right and left spaces blank which doesn’t look good at all.

  • wholesalemeatcoventry.co.uk

Link: https://wholesalemeatscoventry.co.uk/about-us/

This website might look interesting at first glance but as you navigate, you would get confused. It seems as if the designer had a lot of ideas and he inculcated everything on the landing page itself. To start with, the blood-red background that is used to place text on makes the website look colorful. As you scroll down, you would found text and images of meat. But, ironically, you cannot see both image and text on one screen space. The images used are too big and serve no purpose. This website doesn’t offer a good user experience.


  • Lingscars.com

Link: https://www.lingscars.com/

This website looks more like a circus. The color scheme is inappropriate and there is a cluster of products and services on the landing page. The background has a colorful boho design. As soon as you open this website. This website doesn’t give a clear idea of its purpose. One could have a hard time figuring out that it’s a car leasing website.

  • Suzzane Collins’ books website

Link:   http://www.suzannecollinsbooks.com/

Even the fans of Suzzane Collins’ Books won’t like this website. First of all, the font is very small that makes it difficult for the user to read the content. The images of some books might excite you at first but when you click on them, nothing happens. It’s an apt example of a missed opportunity. Likewise, there are many buttons on the website that lands on the same page and leaves you disappointed.

  • Bavarian Brauhaus website

Link: https://www.thebavarianbrauhaus.com/

From bad layout to poor selection of fonts and colors; this website leaves no stone unturned in disappointing the user. As soon as you open the website, you would see some images and text that doesn’t serve any purpose. As you scroll down, you’d understand that talks about food and catering. However, the font selection is so poor that it makes it a hard task to read and understand.

  • Patimex

Link: http://patimex.com/

Open this website for next level disappointment. There is a sleek image on a grey background and nothing else. It’s only when you run adobe flash, you would see an animation that barely gives an idea that this website has something to do with grilling and cooking. Keep looking for the clues and bingo! This is how one can decipher the purpose of this website. There is no content on the landing page.