9 Best Small Business Website Builders

Not all small business owners know how to build a website (or a good one, at least). More often than not, even if you spend hours searching on the internet, you’re no closer to being able to do it yourself because you simply don’t have the relevant know-how and skills. You can be an astute, intelligent and gifted businessperson, but not know a CSS from an HTML5.

Fortunately, there are website builders out there that can help you create a fantastically effective website for your small business, without you requiring any prior knowledge or experience. They’re often reasonably affordable website, too.

Below, we look at some of these website builders in a little more detail, giving you the opportunity to assess which one might best suit your needs. It give you a website that will give your small business the boost it deserves:


  1. WordPress

WordPress may have been around since 2003 – and was originally created as a blogging platform – but it has continued to adapt and change as technologies. Trends have altered over the years, and it remains a popular choice for many businesses seeking to build a website. With simple technology and an intuitive interface, formatting times are vastly reduced. This is the most commonly used platform with millions of websites built on it.

Some of the benefits of WordPress include its ease of use, no requirement for FTP software or HTML editing, better control over your site, customizable, functionality can be improved with plugins, and a blog is in-built and ready to go. Also, major search engines love WordPress as much as users do, adding another string to its bow.


  1. Wix

Very easy to use with its drag and drop features, Wix gives outstanding performance and is suitable for a wide variety of businesses, along with individuals with a product or service to sell, and charitable organizations.

Some of the benefits of Wix include its ease of use (even for beginners), multiple themes and templates totaling more than 700, dependable service and AI builder. Wix also offers customers a free version and a free trial, and is ideal for use in building websites, blogs and online stores.


  1. Constant Contact Website Builder

This is perhaps one of the most economical and reliable website building brands that is perfect for small businesses, and those who are new to both email marketing and technology in general.

Expect to be able to set up a website or online store swiftly, and with virtually no stress, using their AI tools and layouts. However, there are few options for customizing.

Some of the benefits of CTCT are that it’s very simple to use, includes an AI builders and a wide selection of free images, and also offers 24/7 live chat support. With its reliable performance and 60-day free trial, this could be an option for those with little tech knowledge and experience.


  1. WooCommerce

An open-source, free WordPress plugin, WooCommerce is great for anyone just starting out in eCommerce. It is by far the single most popular CMS platform on the planet. With a whopping 25% of websites currently running on WordPress, which provides direct developmental support to the WooCommerce plugin, it’s easy to see why it has become so popular.

Some of the benefits of WooCommerce include the fact that it’s easily customizable through themes, your WooCommerce store is yours, and yours alone. It’s highly secure, and simplifies the entire work process. This site is free and extremely flexible, and because it runs on the popular platform, WordPress, it’s fantastic for maximizing SEO.


  1. Squarespace

With an intuitive editor, Squarespace has a fantastic reputation for giving users a platform from which they can create stunning, high-quality websites. While there are some restrictions pertaining to the freedom of customization, this doesn’t create too much of a barrier.

Some of the benefits of Squarespace are its simplicity – thanks to a drag and drop system – huge variety of modern templates and themes. Above average hosting performance, great choice of add-on features, and dependable support via email. If you’re a more creative businessperson, this might well be the website building site for you.


  1. GoDaddy

A popular and well-known name in the website hosting world for some years now. GoDaddy is only just beginning to make inroads with its web building services. That said, it gives users the chance to build a website or online store quickly. It offers them the best hosting services to support them.

Some of the benefits of GoDaddy include its simplicity, fantastic performance, AI builder and live chat and phone support. With online stores that are very easy to manage and the fact that they are a well-established company offering a 30-day free trial period, many small businesses could reap the rewards of using this site.


  1. HostGator

Another well established brand in the website hosting industry, HostGator also lets small businesses create websites, blogs or e-commerce stores. While they are great for many things. If your business needs are more complex, it may not be suitable for you.

Some of the benefits of HostGator include its simple drag and drop system. Its affordability and range of more than 200 website templates. This site also offers a free image gallery and 24/7 live chat support.


  1. Weebly

Arguably one of the most popular website builders on the market today. Weebly allows you to create portfolios, blogs, business websites and online stores, swiftly and intuitively. Amenable to beginners, you don’t need any prior experience in building websites to use Weebly. Making it ideal for bloggers and those who have never had an online store before.

Some of the benefits of Weebly include its usability, selection of over 40 responsive themes. Fantastic SEO tools, in-house app marketplace and the ability to create a membership site. Offering a 30-day money-back guarantee, this is a reliable and effective option for many small business owners.


  1. Webs

Focusing on small businesses wanting to create a simple but effective website that requires no prior coding experience. Webs is a basic web building company with a clean and easy to navigate interface. In comparison to some other companies in this list, however, their hosting performance has been somewhat weak.

Some of the benefits of Webs include its simple, drag and drop system, free basic plan, almost 300 templates. The ability to create a membership site. With a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re a small business owner looking to create a simple but effective website. This could be the company for you.

Take your time to consider the options when selecting an online website builders. Think carefully about what you want the primary functions of your website to be. Conduct plenty of research, and take advantage of the free trials that many companies offer; test out their various features and see whether what they’re able to offer you, will match your needs.