10 Amazing Facts about Responsive Web Design

If you are into website designing or development, you must be familiar with the hottest trend – responsive website design. In simpler terms, a responsive theme enables an optimal website viewing experience irrespective of screen size, orientation, and platform. These responsive designs come with the prime benefit of any website loading within a fraction of seconds, without any distortions.

The concept of using responsive designs rose to popularity with the invention of smartphones, when more of half of the world’s population started using mobiles and ditched traditional desktops. Three main components of responsive web design are flexible text and images, fluid grid, and layouts combined with CSS media queries.

Read below to learn some fascinating facts about responsive web design.

Fact No. 1

About 80% of users may stop reading the blog if it fails to display properly on their device. One benefit of using a responsive design is improved readability. The content as well as the images on your site looks amazing with the help of such website design regardless of the digital device used. Such websites automatically adjust resolution and image sizes.

Fact No. 2

Improved visibility helps in building the credibility of your business too. Do you know that it takes less than a second for a visitor to form an opinion about your brand? It means that you can lose a potential customer in the blink of an eye if your website fails to create an awesome first impression. So, a responsive website design promises the best user experience to your target audience.

Fact No. 3

Most small business owners are often sceptical about using a responsive design as such a website costs more. However, a responsive website aids to reduce development expenses and time. Do you want to waste your energy, time, and spend more bucks by creating another website for mobile devices? Wouldn’t it be a better solution to invest in a responsive design, an optimized fit for every possible viewing device irrespective of screen sizes? This single design sufficiency will decrease the burden on developers, designers, and webmasters.

Fact No. 4

The prime benefit of using a responsive theme for your website is an improvement in the website load time with an excellent browsing experience on all devices. Who doesn’t love a faster loading website? If your website takes very little time, ideally three seconds or less, to load and is aesthetically appealing; the bounce rate will automatically drop. Moreover, the features and content of responsive websites stay exactly the same on desktops and mobiles.

Fact No. 5

Would you be surprised if you get to know that only 15-20% of small business owners opt for responsive designs, despite manifold benefits? Well, if you are one of such businesses, let me assure you that your non-responsive website can be converted into a responsive one, without the need to rebuild it from scratch. Along with relevant keyword placing, getting a responsive website can help you achieve a higher ranking in search engine results.

Fact No. 6

There is a reason why Google prefers responsive websites over basic non-responsive ones. The use of a responsive design eliminates the need for shrinking, zooming, or pinching your screen to get the best viewing experience. Such websites automatically adjust the screen size and provide a smooth navigation experience. This leads to more engagement time and hence your ranking on search engines automatically improves.

Fact No. 7

Not every business website needs a responsive design. Check your site analytics, if you hardly see any mobile traffic and still getting enough revenue from desktop view, then converting your well-performing website might be a waste for you. However, if you are a business newbie and would like to generate traffic from either view, then you must consider building-in a responsive design. Also, only having a responsive design doesn’t lay the foundation for the success of your business. Best quality search engine optimization, excellent website designing combined with superior quality relevant content is required for healthy traffic flow.

Fact No. 8

A responsive website helps you to save a considerable amount of bandwidth too, especially if you own an e-commerce website with huge traffic. All you need to do is ensure that images of your website as fully optimized. This will automatically lead to an increased speed for mobile and tablet users.

Fact No. 9

No, responsive websites are not hard to maintain. Making code-level changes to an existing website is difficult, but the managing of any non-responsive or responsive website is equal on the difficulty scale. The back-end of typical responsive websites is Word Press and its interface works exactly the same for both types of websites. Also, the conversion rates from visitors to customers are relatively higher on mobile-friendly websites.

Fact No. 10

Lastly, as per a survey, around 70% of users prefer a responsive website over a non-responsive one while making a purchase. This may be because most of them use smartphones while browsing such e-commerce websites. Smartphones are less expensive as compared to laptops and desktop computers. This is one of the reasons behind the use of smartphones for browsing the internet.

To conclude, the decision of choosing a responsive website design would be wise as it helps to increase your return on investments. You are now familiar with the benefit of owning a mobile-friendly website, but make sure to hire a trustworthy website designing and website development company toronto with experience in building responsive web design for ultimate success in the digital business.