SEO Firm Toronto: How to Attract More Customers to Your E-commerce Store?

SEO firm Toronto E-commerce store

The way of shopping has evolved due to the ever-changing web trends. As the demand for online shopping is increasing It has become very easy to launch an e-commerce store with the help of website platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce. To find the best products and services online, people are comparing the services of big stores with that of small independent stores. In this era of tough competition, the owners of online stores are finding it hard to attract quality customers who would add value to their business. It is important to have more e-commerce sales, seo firm toronto to increase the revenue of the business.

Small changes and strategies can make a big difference. And help you increase your sales and attract new customers, without spending a load of money. One should aim at knowing the requirements and choice of the target audience. And should choose the right strategies to reach out to their customers. GrayCyan, Toronto SEO agency, best SEO company Toronto, SEO firm Toronto offers to its clients a variety of SEO services Canada. We guide you to gain a good customer base for your online store. Given below are a few tips that will help you attract more customers to your e-commerce store:

Tips for SEO firm toronto

1. Create an attractive and eye-catching store:

As the online store is the representation of your business. Hence, it is important to have a clean, professional well organized store. That will attract customers to visit your online store, view products and make purchases.

2. Build your reputation before promoting your brand:

Customers always check the reputation of the brand before making any purchase online. So it is important for online store owners to gain the trust of their customers. You can build a strong reputation for your online brand by offering them product warranties. And displaying testimonials of satisfied customers and showing engagement with existing customers. 

3. Know the preferences of the people you are targeting:

Knowing the preferences and latest trends of the clients will help you determine which products you should enlist. To attract the particular audience. You should enlist the categories on your homepage or landing page. So that your customers can easily locate the desired product from the category.

4. Ensure that your products get good reviews and ratings:

The reputation of the product is as important as the reputation of the brand to incite your customers to make a purchase. Positive reviews and ratings on the page will definitely result in increased sales. And boost your online store.

5. Focus on the important details:

Store owners should focus on displaying good images of the products along with necessary details. Like price, delivery, product specifications and discount. Other details like stock levels, ratings and photographs of the product taken from different angles can be added to attract maximum purchases.

6. Ensure good customer support:

Good customer support can make a positive impact on your clients. Hence, it is important to ensure that your clients’ queries are answered as soon as possible. Client satisfaction is very important if you want to attract customers to your e-commerce store.

7. Use social media to promote your products:

Social media is one of the best ways to enhance your promotion and increase your conversion rate. You can make your potential customers aware of the new products by posting pictures and videos of your products. Along with the backlink to the product on your online website.

8. Offer special discounts to your clients:

Discounts and special offers give the customers a positive feeling for making the purchase and is a great way to drive sales. Special offers and discounts are a good way to attract new customers and to increase the sales. Many a times, visitors buy things they do not intend to buy at that time because of the discount offered on it. Using tactics like free shipping too can work as a great way to attract more customers.

9. Make sure that your e-commerce website is optimized for mobile devices:

Most of the people today, use their mobile phones and tablets to shop online. Having an e-commerce website which is not mobile friendly will drive potential customers away. One can also consider building a mobile app to improve customer experience, seo company toronto. And in turn increase the revenue of the online business.

10. Improve customer retention strategy:

Loyal customers who are familiar with your brand have a great role in helping your business grow. Rather than focussing on customer acquisition, it is more important target the existing customers. Loyal customers usually add more items to their shopping carts and have a higher conversion rate. They generate more revenue every time they visit your online store. Hence, it is more cost effective to go after your existing customer base rather than spending money on gaining new customers. Some ways by which one can retain existing customers is by coming up with a customer loyalty program. That gives clients an incentive to spend more money, every time they make a purchase.

11. Accept different payment options on your website:

In order to attract more customers, you have to give multiple options to your clients to pay for their products and services online. Credit cards, debit cards, along with alternative payment options like PayPal or Apple Pay will make the checkout process for the customers simple. And will help you get more e-commerce sales.

12. Use video demonstrations:

Videos are one of the best marketing tactics and an ideal strategy for online sites which focus on selling unique products. Videos demonstrations can get the average user to spend more time on the page. They create an interest in whatever you are trying to sell. And customers are more likely top remember what they watched as opposed to what they read about.

13. Showcase your best selling items:

If you are selling a wide range of products on your website. It can be overwhelming for a person who is shopping for the first time on your website. Having a “best seller” category on the homepage will give the customer an idea about what they are looking for. And what product is in maximum demand. Giving direction to the customers can help you promote products with highest margins.

14. Ramp up holiday promotions:

People spend more money on special events than on a normal day of the year. As malls are packed during the holiday season, so it more convenient for shoppers to shop from home. Holiday sales are a great opportunity to break out your best offers. And to target your current customers and entice them to buy during the holiday season. 

15. Offer a new product or a service:

Novelty is great way of earning the attention of your customers. Offering a new product or service or even repositioning, repricing or changing the packing of an existing product can help you boost your e-commerce sales.


If your sales are slowing down or are getting stagnant, following these creative ways to market your products and services on your online store will help you get more customers to your website. Make sure your website is secure so your customers feel safe entering their personal information and their bank details. Writing targeted blog content to improve your SEO firm toronto. And to bring more customers through organic search are some of the ways by which you can boost your online sales.

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