Web Agency Toronto: Why You Should Be Using WORDPRESS For Your Website

You have decided to start a blog or a website and you don’t know where to begin. Just because there is so much available to you out there and it can be quite intimidating, besides overwhelming. Where do you even start looking, right? Well, look no further, because something must be exceptional about WordPress when you consider that organizations such as Bloomberg, BBC America, Disney, Sony, TIME, TED and Spotify, to name a few use WordPress as their preferred Web agency Toronto home.

After researching and with some trial and error, WordPress has come up as a great option for either the seasoned user or beginner. Bear with us while we explore some of the advantages. The first mention would have to be that it’s a non-intimidating and non-threatening tool for beginners specifically It’s super user friendly, easily accessed with community support for questions that may seem trivial. But a necessary and a competitive edge price point, depending on what you require,  does still remain a free option.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system(CMS). It allows you to organize and display content on your website. To help you picture this, imagine that it works as a retail store. It is empty and waiting for you to add and install the furniture, office equipment, computers, paintings, etc. The same applies to WordPress site. Imagine that web store is empty and you need to fill it up with content. It can be blog, information, photos from your gallery, headings, product information, etc.

Easy to search for

Fortunately for you, WordPress is ranked really high on the search engines such as google and Bing. So it’s easy to access and easy to find.

Bespoke Plans, just for you

WordPress has a few plans from which to choose from, depending on what you need and how much you are prepared to pay. However, you are able to create a free Website on WordPress. But what you do with it afterwards is what counts in terms of making it your own unique site by creating it. WordPress assists with the creation of your own domain name amongst other support options too.

Not only does WordPress give you a selection of these plans to choose from. It also guides you without selling you the most expensive plan available if your website doesn’t need it.

Even for Beginners

With the ongoing community support and easy to navigate site, WordPress can get you up and running with a domain or a blog within minutes. They have a team of experts on hand with FAQ’s. They can make life easier for you and take you to where you want to be. Instantly and effectively.

Create a unique site

You could choose to have a basic site or an extravagant one, either way, it will remain unique. There is a vast selection of themes for you to choose from. While some of them are paid for sites, there is a large selection of the free ones for you to choose from. What you select as a theme for your site, will determine what it will look like. It can be bold and loud, or classic and understated, simple and concise or more complicated and high-end. The choice is yours.

Easy to Use and Flexible

You won’t always remain a beginner, and the good news is, neither will your business. Things grow and times demand change.The advantage of using WordPress, is that it will grow with you. Perhaps you started off as a blogger and you have now moved onto an e-commerce business? For this you need to switch to a more demanding plan. So that WordPress can assist with managing your business or showcase your site or whatever it is that your growing business may require. WordPress can adjust and adapt to your needs. To make it easier on you, WordPress has a tutorial for you to watch which will help you understand as well as assist you to navigate the site. (https://wordpress.org/download/)  This is a  step by step tutorial showing you exactly what you need to do in order to create the site you need. Follow the basic steps and you will be done in no time at all.


Creating a basic website with WordPress has you covered. However, you may desire a more sassy and specialized site and for that you will need plugins. WordPress has a pool of plugins where you can select the right solution for your e-commerce site. Some of the most popular ones are – add on order forms, contact forms, cart option, banners, and access to your gallery of photos of your product

Security priority

WordPress understands the critical need for security. This suggests that they keep you and your site up to date with all the software and updates on your site- to avoid being hacked. Also for protection against industrial espionage and to protect your privacy. You have to specify however if you need certain functions to be updated regularly or automatically. Probably best to opt for an autoupdate in case you forget to update regularly. This will leave you vulnerable to data hackers.

Online Support

Incredibly so, but factual, the stats reveal that something between 25-35% of all websites are managed by WordPress. This reflects enormously on their efficiency and easy navigation and their customer service. So with the thousands of questions that need to be answered, you will find all the answers in the community support or developer programmes. It has an accountable relationship with its clients which amounts to keeping their customers satisfied. It also makes sure that the customers have minimal downtime during their working hours.

WordPress is Free

What can you get for free nowadays? Very little in fact, but WordPress offers Free websites and blogs. Don’t mistake this for free hosting. However, that you will still have to pay for when you need a website hosting. For a small business or a regular blogger the free option is perfect,. However, should the status quo shift and you will need more from your site and from your growing business,  then you may have to consider upgrading to one of their more substantial plans that can offer all that you need to run an optimal business or blog


Something has to be said for a company that started out almost 16 years ago and is still going strong in spite of all the new technology and competition that has come through in the last 10-15  years. You could say that WordPress has stood the test of time and has gone from strength to strength in fact. Amazingly, figures like 500 sites are being created daily with WordPress, compare it to the gift that keeps on giving, some may say.

So having looked at the advantages mentioned in this article, it would be safe to say that WordPress is one of the best and one of the most user friendly CMS to use whether you be a beginner, or a seasoned user namely comparing to the likes of TIME magazine, WordPress, has you covered. Ultimately, WordPress will highlight and bring knowledge to what you need for your new venture, sometimes more than you do initially. You are in capable hands.

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