Top 10 Most Common Website Problems and Solutions

Designing a website that is effective at attracting potential customers, retaining them and turning them into paying visitors. That go on to improve a business’s bottom line, is of course the overriding purpose, and primary intention of every web designer or business owner. However, while the intention is clear, the path to reaching that goal isn’t always straightforward. It can be filled with obstacles and Website problems.


Here are 10 of the most common website problems along with their solutions:


  1. Visually unappealing

We’re all attracted by what we see, and if we see a website with terrible color combinations or dated images and logo’s, we’re not likely to Stay for long. If your website isn’t attracting many visitors, or those who visit quickly leave. It could be that you need to re-evaluate its visual elements, and redesign it.


  1. Takes an eternity to load

Even if something is worth waiting for, many website visitors won’t hang around long enough to find out. Not only is a website that’s slow to load annoying for potential customers. Google will penalize you for it in the rankings. If your website is slow to load, reduce file sizes or invest in a system that automatically resizes images.


  1. No decent images

When it comes to website images, quality pays dividend. So, if you haven’t invested in a professional photographer yet, you probably should.


  1. Chaotic Website homepage

Anything on a website that has the potential to detract from the main message is bad news. So, de-clutter your site and simplify your message and any related actions.


  1. Lack of quick and clear instructions

Visitors to a website don’t always have a lot of time, or patience. If you want them to purchase goods or a service from you, they need to be able to do so quickly. A long series of steps to get to where they want to be won’t work. It will simply send them looking for an alternative solution elsewhere.


  1. Poorly written content

A website full of content that doesn’t make sense, is inaccurate, or is simply poorly written with bad grammar and spelling mistakes, is a huge turn-off for most site visitors. Quickly shows them that you don’t care about their experience as a potential customer, and are not prepared to invest in quality content.


  1. Substandard SEO

Everyone nowadays knows the importance of SEO, and if you don’t utilize it effectively, your site will almost certainly suffer. Invest in an SEO Consultant and you’ll soon reap the rewards.


  1. Lack of contact information

This might seem like a no-brainer, but still many websites don’t place enough significance upon making themselves easily contactable. Or they simply don’t want to invest in a manned telephone line or someone to respond to emails. However, when there’s a lack of contact information on a website, or it’s hard to locate, potential customers may get frustrated at the least. And at the very worst, they’ll be suspicious of your business and wonder why you don’t want them to reach out to you; both can have the same result of losing you potential custom.


Live chat options can be a great way to encourage visitors to ask questions and be given the answers that might encourage or enable them to spend money on your products or services.


  1. Out of date safety features

It’s often the case that businesses only invest in cyber security following an incident that has cost them money. Or lost them customers instead of investing in it right from the get go. Up to date safety features are a vital element of any successful website design. While upgrading to the latest versions of their plug-ins is a must, so should be obtaining an SSL certificate. Helping to keep your customers safe during a transaction, this certification also gives you preferential rankings with top search engines, like Google, and is a worthwhile investment.


  1. Poor integration

While promoting your business over a variety of platforms is almost guaranteed to widen your audience if nothing else. This becomes decidedly less effective if each platform doesn’t interconnect with each other, and are poorly integrated, or not integrated at all. Whatever you’re selling or promoting, a joined-up-thinking system is always going to benefit your business.


While there are myriad website problems businesses may face, solving them is often simple enough, provided you’re willing to invest a little money. You know what they say: you have to speculate to accumulate, right? In order to make meaningful gains, you need to invest a little. As in many circumstances in life, you get what you pay for.


Using the services of an experienced, professional website design company, you’ll reap all the benefits of their expertise, while making your website considerably more appealing and user-friendly. Even if your business is new and money is tight, how can you ever expect to attract and gain customers to improve your bottom line if you don’t show them where and how to buy your products or services?


Unless you’re a website designer by profession, there’s no way that you’ll have the same insights as someone who is. You’ll struggle to make a website that performs at its best, without really knowing what you’re doing. Since your business needs to make money to survive – and hopefully one day, thrive. It makes absolutely good business sense to invest in a website that once it’s up and running, will pay you back far quicker than if you had attempted to do it yourself.