SEO Consultant Toronto: 25 SEO Tips for Small Businesses

SEO consultant Toronto – tips for small businesses:

In this information era, search engine optimization is considered as one of the main marketing strategies. Though it not a direct marketing tactic, it is still one of the most important element to market an online presence of a business. As a business owner, one should understand that to put your website up in the rankings on various search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing, you need a lot of patience, time and effort. Many small businesses fail on the internet due to lack of knowledge for promoting SEO consultant Toronto on the website.

It is very difficult for a budding small business to grow if the visitors do not know about it. So, it is essential to optimize small business websites for search engines to acquire more traffic, which will eventually lead to more leads and conversions. Posted here are the best actionable and result oriented tips for SEO for your small business website.

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Find the right set of keywords for your business:

Before starting a website for your business, get an idea for the website by any keyword suggestion tool. Find out the set of keywords using keyword research tool that best match your business.

Create an SEO friendly, HTML and CSS validated website:

After finding relevant keywords, register for a domain that best matches your business and create SEO consultant toronto friendly website for your business. Your site should be HTML and CSS validated.

Your website should have a blog:

As blogs are more SEO consultant toronto friendly and are easier to communicate with the visitors.  Your website should have a blog that supports your website to spread around the web.

Add Meta Keywords to your website:

After collecting unique keywords that are a set of matching keywords for the website, add these relevant keywords in a meta description tag. This tag should be is unique and should be able to describe the services provided by the website in brief.

Create sitemaps of your website and the blog:

Sitemap is an essential part of a website or a blog and can make any website more SEO consultant toronto friendly. It helps the visitors to find contents on the website. Create XML sitemap for search engines and HTML sitemap for the people visiting your website.

Improve the structure of the URL:

Make your website or blog more visible to the search engine by improving the structure of your URL. Use a flat file system, appropriate keywords and lower case letters in the URL.

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Make your website easy to navigate:

Navigation is essential to help visitors quickly find the content they are looking for. If the site is easily navigable, it helps the search engines to understand the contents of the website.

Offer Quality content and services to the visitors:

Always try to create unique and fresh quality content for your website or blog as quality content can attract visitors and can increase the recognition of your website.

Set up a useful custom 404 page:

There are times when a user will come to a non existing page on the website by following a broken link or by typing the wrong URL. This page is called 404 page and it displays an error message. You can set up a custom 404 page and can redirect such visitors to the right page of your website.

Use optimized images:

You need to optimize the images on your page as well to optimized your site on search engines. Make sure that the size of the image is small and clear and the format of the image should be .png or .jpeg. Use alt attribute as well as title tag on the image.

Make appropriate use of heading tags:

As search engines give more value to heading tags in a post, use tags from H1 to H4 to make your blog or website more valuable.

Create deep links on other sites:

You can improve the reputation of your website by creating deep links on other highly ranked websites. This improves the ranking of your website.

Do effective internal linking:

Effective internal links not only help in better ranking, but make your website more navigable as well. They help spread visitors of one page to the other easily, which in turn increases the overall performance of your website.

Submit your website to major search engines:

Submit your website to major search engines manually or by automatic submission tools for fast submissions. This will enable you to be indexed by the search engines.

Create e-books and slideshows to submit on social media:

You can create e-books and slideshows about your business and sharing these on file sharing sites and social media can help drive traffic to your website.

Link to your homepage correctly:

Use the word ‘Home’ on the anchor text and use ‘rel=’home’’ on the link. Linking your homepage correctly will help your visitors to go to the homepage easily and will also enable search engines to know about your homepage easily.

Insert keywords on article title and body:

Inserting keywords in the title of the article and in the body can make your website rank higher on the search engine result page. Extreme use of keywords can harm the ranking. So use keywords on the appropriate places and in less than 5% of the article.

Register your domain more than a year:

The visibility of the website is determined by the age and the expiration of the domain. As search engines give priority to websites that have a long time expiration date, hence it is better to register your domain more than one year.

Submit press releases on press release site for link building:

You can use a press release to build one way links to your website. This will increase the Keywords ranking of your page effectively. It will place links on the body of the press releases so that you can create deep linking to your website.

Prepare a mobile site to redirect mobile users:

As mobile internet users are increasing every day, it is necessary to attract mobile users. This can be done by creating a mobile version of the website and submitting it to the search engine for indexing.

Use the latest SEO techniques:

As search engines keep on changing their algorithm. You have to be up to date with the latest SEO tips and techniques that match to the change.

Share videos:

Creating and sharing informative videos is a very effective way of attracting more visitors to your website.

Try to use your competitor’s back links:

High quality backlinks from targeted websites help to grow the ranking of your page. To stay in competition, gate your competitor’s backlinks and use these to grow the number of people visiting your website.

Write guest posts on top rated blogs:

Another way to promote your website is by posting articles written by oneself. This not only increases the reputation of the website, but also helps in creating quality backlinks.

Optimize your website for local search results:

It is essential to optimize your website for local search results. So to rank high in local search rankings, specialize your content for your specific area or city and write reviews about the business location in your city on Google maps.

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