Why Select GrayCyan, SEO company Toronto?

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of convincing search engines that your website is the most relevant to serve during customer search. This marketing strategy aims at producing targeted, relevant and organic traffic from Google’s search engine results page. This Organic or Earned result appears in Google’s SERP and these are not paid ads. GrayCyan is a top notch SEO company Toronto that uses the latest techniques in the industry to help you get the results you need.

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SEO is a long term investment and unlike paid ads, you do not have to pay every time a user clicks on your link. If done right, SEO helps your website to appear on the search engine for a variety of terms and phrases that are relevant to your business. At GrayCyan, providing the best SEO services Canada we help you choose the right content and keywords for your website that result in more clicks and more organic website traffic.

Our aim:

A searcher looking for a particular thing on the internet is less likely to go past the first page results. Hence, we aim at not only helping you show on the search engine results pages. But to show up on the first page of search results. Even if you are on the first page of the search engines result page. It is important for our website to rank as high on the first page as possible. GrayCyan, SEO company Toronto, helps you rank higher and receive more clicks on your website. Our agency is updated with the changing Google algorithms which help you outrank your competing websites. This ensures that your page gets the highest number of clicks for relevant user searches in search engine results.

seo company in toronto

How does our SEO work?

Google is one of the top ranking and dominant search engines we have today. Looking for anything on the internet? Google it! Want to prove a point? Google it! This is why is you are looking for a heart specialist and you “Google it”, you will not find a brain specialist or a general physician, but a heart specialist! You will get the most appropriate results from Google. Google provides the users with the best possible information that matches their query.

This makes it even more important for a website to appear on Google’s first page as it makes you visible to a user that has specifically looked for something like products or services that you offer. The digital industry is moving at such a fast pace, giving you all the more reason to stand apart from your competition.

Our SEO Company Toronto uses its various techniques to demonstrate to Google that your website is the best result to give to the prospective buyers when they are looking for products and services online. We use On Page SEO and Off Page SEO to get Google recognize that your website is better than the rest of the competition

On page and Off page SEO

Our On page SEO makes sure that your content is original, informative and organized. We aim at providing content that offers better answers to the visitors than the rest of the competition. This gives Google a reason to show your website at the top of the heap.

Our Off Page SEO uses some actions outside the website to give it more credibility and impact the ranking on search engine page results. Providing backlinks, social media marketing and blogging are some of the techniques we use to make your website appear more relevant, trustworthy and popular.

The goal of GrayCyan, SEO Company Toronto is to provide you an optimized website that not only serves the users well, but is also referenced by other trusted websites online.

Why Chose Us?

We assure that your business will continue to see organic natural traffic. Lead gains for years while you pay the bill for SEO each month. Our SEO will help you generate long term return on investment. With so much of competition in the market, you must be wondering, why chose GrayCyan? Our attention to detail, commitment to excellence, caring about customers and results puts us way ahead of the competition in the market. We focus on helping your business reach out to your target audience. Our top priority is making sure that your business does better and helps us grow as a top SEO company Toronto. We understand that when you chose us, you trust us with the future of your business. We make sure that we use the latest and updated ethical SEO techniques to grow your business.

seo company in toronto


Even if you have knowledge about SEO, sometimes handling your website’s search engine optimization on your own might not work in the best interests of your business. A competent company like GrayCyan, will suit you best to optimize your website for search engines. We help your website increase leads and conversions and in turn lower your marketing costs. We are the best company for your business as we provide you with the following:


Site evaluation guide:

At GrayCyan, we offer extensive analysis of your website. Tell you how much work needs to be done to bring your website to a certain rank. We troubleshoot all the problems related to the performance of your website.

Tools in figuring out keywords:

We chose the best keywords and do a competitive analysis of the keywords.

Backlinks to Website:

GrayCyan, SEO Company Toronto employs top techniques for gathering high quality backlinks from related websites.

Cost Structure:

We give you a rundown of services to which the performance and the cost contract is based upon.

SEO technique:

We employ ethical strategies that are viable in the long run, to help you reach the top rank. We steer away from unethical and misleading strategies as it will lead to your site being blacklisted.

Providing Targeted Traffic to the Website:

We focus on targeted traffic and create relevant content to distribute to relevant channels to attract organic traffic. Visitors that might genuinely be interested in purchasing your products and services.

Transparency and honesty:

We offer a clear and transparent course of action to help you enhance your overall rankings. Also, we offer an outline of the work in the proposal to show how much work they are doing in relation to your costs to help you determine the return on investment.

Comprehensive Report System:

We give comprehensive and concise monthly or quarterly reports to show the progress of the SEO campaign along with the ranking of the website.

Performance Guarantee:

Based on our years of experience and proven methodologies with past clients. We are able to provide you performance guarantee that will make your brand visible to your target market.

GrayCyan, offers the best SEO services in Toronto and uses cutting edge technology to give your business an edge over the competition. Our priority is to first understand the requirements of your business, where it’s been, where it is and where it wants to be. We tailor our proposals to fit your requirements after permorming an in depth SEO audit of your company’s digital presence. We provide you with high quality original content and use white hat ethical techniques to let the search engine know that your site is the one it should be showing to potential viewers.

For more information about SEO services Canada feel free to call 1(888)-WEB-DEV-0 or email nbatta@buzois.com.