Toronto Web Design Services: Trends to Follow while Revamping Your Website

Websites should evolve and grow, just like your business. As an outdated and unprofessional website usually lacks credibility. And leaves a negative impact on the client. So,this may result in potential customers being driven away from the website. Revamping a website may sound like a scary thought for many marketers. Hence, it is something that should not be approached lightly. Redesigning a website, toronto web design services, gives you an opportunity to polish the look of your website. Without straying from the true elements of your original brand.

The website redesign is very important for people who are looking to drive traffic to their website. Or who want to promote their business. A customized website redesign is a great way to boost your conversions, ranking, leads and sales. Looking to attract more customers and improve customer experience? Revamping, toronto web design services is the perfect opportunity to polish up the look and feel of your website. 

Few things to be kept in mind

A few things need to be kept in mind throughout the design process. Hence, it is important to stay true to the core elements of the brand. Also, to lend an air of consistency to the revamped site. For that:

  • Maintain the same topography
  • Maintain a similar color palette

You also might want to browse through competitor websites. And take inspiration for designs that might suit your website best. While this strategy might help you to create a beautiful website. Considering some key elements like the design, layout styles and functionalities. Which might impact your website in the future, need to be embraced.

We, at GrayCyan, emphasize on altering the content, the copywriting language, improving the navigation and optimizing the graphics. So, we give your entire page overhaul, depending on the requirements of your website. Our customized website revamps packages will make sure that your website is aligned with your latest marketing plans. At GrayCyan, web design company Toronto, Mississauga web design company, professional web design Toronto. And online marketing Toronto, we offer cost-effective packages. Because we want to help you revamp your content and help you transmit your message with punchy lines and captivating points. Do you want to stay ahead of the curve in the business? Embrace some of these website revamping trends given below:


The redesigned website needs to have a more personalized user experience based on the preference of the visitors. So, before revamping the website, user testing is done. And the audience studies to see which type of visitors will actually visit and interact with the website once it is live. Hence, this personalization makes sure that the website contains dynamic content. And content-specific page adaptations which cater to a specific type of audience.

Use Voice User Interface or VUI:

Audio is becoming smarter and voice search provides more optimized search results for content. As the expectations of users are changing, the adoption of a voice user interface is on the rise. Web designers need to have a certain skill of sets to decide how to incorporate the voice search filter into their present designs. It is not as easy as pulling the present content and dropping it to voice user interface.

VUI is a great way to stand out from the crowd and is a great way to access certain customer segments. Redesigning websites to support voice search helps you increase digital revenue by as much as 30 per cent. With the advent of technology, we may find ourselves less behind the screens. And spend more time talking to technology in the near future. Hence, it is important to adopt voice user interface into your brand. While using the services of a company like GrayCyan, with the knowledge to do so effectively.


Who does not like getting instant customer support or feedback? Chatbots, powered by artificial intelligence are intuitive pieces of software which are specifically designed to provide real-time assistance. Or to humanize conversations and to provide personalized user experience, irrespective of your customers’ time zone, location or device.

Chatbots not only bring value to your target audience but help you handle your tasks more efficiently. That too without compromising customer satisfaction. Chatbots humanize your brand through meaningful conversation and help collect customer information. They are a super addition to your sales and marketing teams. And lets them revamp their leads and increase conversions. They work out to be cheaper than building a cross-platform app. To provide exceptional feedback to the customers.

Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality or AR is a fast developing virtual experience that combines the real with the imaginary in an amalgamation. That lets the users interact directly with certain types of software. E-commerce shopping companies are trying hard to survive in this era of cut-throat competition. And integrating augmented reality into the design of your website will open up different ways to engage with your clients. Also, help you to stand out from your competitors. AR not only adds an element of fun to your website. But also enables the people visiting your website to fully interact with your brand.

Augmented Reality can be incorporated into your banner advertisements or can be used on your product pages. You can make your banner ads dynamic with AR. Using augmented reality as a part of the sales and marketing process helps the customer to interact with a product. And can have an in-depth understanding of the product, including its size and dimensions. Augmented Reality expands the virtual learning experience. And can be used as a learning tool on your website to offer interactive explanations. AR, the technology of the future is being implemented by many industries. And will benefit both your business and your audience.

Embracing Minimalism:

Minimalism means to simplify the interface by removing unnecessary elements on the page. It is a prominent design direction and allows users to concentrate their attention on the product or service you intend to sell. The ‘less is more’ philosophy cuts down the searching struggle for the user. And helps them navigate easily. It allows them just to see the essential features on the website. Taking the noise out of shopping and limiting distractions benefits websites in the shape of faster loading time.

Using Geometry and illustration in design:

There was a time in the last decade or so when web pages were just text, basic hyperlinks, along with a few images. Since then, web pages have improved vastly with better images, user-friendly menus and a better. And interactive experience for the viewer. Focus has shifted to geometry in the design elements along with animated iconography. Which add personality to your page. Animations are a big part of the design philosophy today and add a nice touch to your content. Adding animations while revamping your website will draw attention to a web page element. And guide visitors through the whole website experience.


If you are looking to revamp your website,toronto web design services, you need to pay attention to the above trends. Consider what business objectives you would like to achieve with the new and revamped site. Like boost in page views, more leads, more sales or more brand awareness. Personalize your website, add chatbots, follow the “less is more” approach. Make use of augmented reality and use geometry and illustration in design. And achieve the goals of your new website.

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