Toronto SEO Specialist: How to Build Backlinks in 2020 (New Guide)

From the day we opened our doors as SEO company Mississauga till date, we have heard many people saying ‘Link Building’ is dead. And GrayCyan, Toronto SEO specialist, has seen many of them getting out of link building business. Many SEO companies in Mississauga rolled down their shutters.

Yes, Link Building is Dead; but with a twist. Low-quality link building is dead. The old, greedy, the ‘Quantity’ link building is dead. Links are still valuable for rankings alongside the quality content. Today, it is more about ‘Quality’ links.

You might be tempted to build as many links as possible quickly to gain visitors and get rankings. But you need to be very careful as instead of helping it may hurt your rankings badly. There are some thousands of sites that have lost rankings like anything – they just went missing from search results from the first page. Many sites were hit with Google manual penalty and lost rankings, traffic, and revenues.

So, the first thing we need to make sure while building links in 2020 is to follow Safe methods that can withstand Google’s algorithm updates or any search engine updates for that matter. And the KEY to the safe linking building in 2020 is to make sure we are getting relevant backlinks from Well-Trusted websites – very simple right!

But, acquiring links is not that simple (please note, this is Acquiring Links, not blindly Building quick links from wherever possible). You need to be creative, persistent, social and more importantly, should be able to do high-quality work. One thing you need to remember here is, you are adding value through your links; if not, it is not a valuable link. So let’s get into the details.

There are many articles out there on the Internet on building links in 2020, but instead of helping, they will scare you away from acquiring links by providing tips that are hard to follow. As a Toronto SEO specialist, we tried our best to provide you simple tips that would make the link building process easier for you.

High-Quality Content

There is no point in our article if we don’t start it with this point. Create high-quality content and publish it on your website. Whether it is a ‘List’ post, ‘Why’ post, ‘How to’ post, or a video, make sure you put in all your industry expertise and come up with content that people (from your industry) want to consume.

Once you are done with your content, promoting it is the Key. One of the best methods is to reach out to people and ask them to read through your content. Since your content is valuable, people will likely consume, share and more importantly link back to your website.

Broken Link Building

This is one of the effective methods to gain high-quality relevant links. You may simply reach out to the websites that have broken outbound links!

First, check for the sites with broken outbound links. There are many free tools available online to find them. Once you find broken links, get your content ready on that specific blog’s topic. Create good content that helps their website visitors. Now reach out to the website owners and inform that one of the links from their website is linking nowhere. Suggest your content and there are many chances they will swap the link with yours.

Tip – Email should be written in a way that is simple and focused on being helpful rather than asking for backlinks.


Yes, you heard it right! Local directories can help you get valuable inbound links. Compared with other link building tactics directories are still an efficient and easy way to get Backlinks. It also helps in sending referral traffic to your site. Directories such as Google My Business, Yelp, and TripAdvisor are some of the ways to improve local SEO, which helps potential customers to find your business.

Images or Infographics 

Images or infographics are visual assets that can be used to get quality backlinks. Complex concepts can be explained through simple diagrams and infographics. People are always willing to consume this kind of content. So go ahead and create high-quality images and infographics to get backlinks.

Contextual Links

Contextual links are the type of links found in the body of content and content is in a context related to the link. They can be natural or artificial or manually created links. Natural links are voluntary links from other websites and artificial links are the ones like in a guest post that links back to the blog or any content in the blog. The search engine considers the contextual links as strong recommendations than any other link on the page.

One of the examples for Contextual links is “Read More”, which can be mentioned in the text of any article.

Reclaiming Unlinked Content

Use Google alerts to check on those who are mentioning your content on the blogs. Tools such as BuzzSumo and Ahrefs Content Explorer help in finding details on mentions of your website. And if the author has not included a link to your website while mentioning your brand, product or service, send them a quick note asking for a link back to your site. Adding links in their blog is a win-win for both as the publisher is gaining the trust of readers by letting them click through and learn more about the brand that is mentioned in their article.

These tactics can be used to reclaim links where ever your brand is featured, and ask for a proper link attribution back to the profile page of your website.

Guest Blogging

This again is another way to acquire quality backlinks. You can become a trusted source to other bloggers by providing them with your unique skill and expertise. This will help in your brand awareness and also gain referral traffic to your website.

Write some high-quality pieces of content and reach out to bloggers or website owners from your industry. Offer them your subject matter expertise and they will be glad to link back to your site.

Update old content

It is an easy way of gaining backlinks and social media shares along with building a relationship with bloggers and journalists. Check for articles that are not updated in a while and how many backlinks it has. Then create fresh and better content with more relevant data and publish it. Let the bloggers and journalists who have linked to the old content know about the updated version. Chances are they would like it and share it.

 Links from the resource page

Find resource pages by searching for terms such as helpful resources, useful resources, and additional resources as keywords. Reach out to the owner and ask for a link. This is also one simple way of gaining easy backlinks. We as Toronto SEO specialist can help you if you need any help on this.

 Ultimate guides

An ultimate guide is the comprehension of resources on a given topic, which would cover all the information that we would have to search anywhere else on the related topic. Hence the name “Ultimate guides”. Ultimate guide attracts inbound backlinks as the bloggers use it as a reference to their content.

 It is challenging to find high-quality sources for backlinks. Hope this article helps you in getting more backlinks and ultimately improves the ranking in the search results.

Did you observe one thing; most of the quality link building is about high-quality content, reaching out, building relationships, and more importantly being helpful.

Let us know what you think. If you have any questions, let us know. We, Toronto SEO specialist, can help you. We are GrayCyan, a well-known SEO company in Mississauga.