SEO Consultant Toronto: Infographics to Generate Backlinks

What are backlinks?

Backlinks or inbound links are the links that are directed to your website from another website. For your website to flourish, you need to get sufficient and consistent backlinks. More backlinks on your site will result in your site look more relevant in the eyes of Google. Google uses backlinks to determine website rankings. SEO consultant toronto helps you to achieve that. When loads of other websites link to your website, Google’s algorithm sees that as a sign that you provide content that is relevant and valuable. This means a higher ranking in Google search.

Infographics are one of the most effective tools to generate backlinks. They help in link building as they are not only informative, but are easy to share as well. Infographics contain valuable content like data statistics and how to guides. A research shows that a website shows about 12 percent average increase in traffic after publishing an infographic. Infographics help create brand awareness, SEO and content marketing as well. 200% more images are liked on social media over text. They are 3 times more likely to be shared on social media than any other types of content. Hence, they are easier to go viral.

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Why are infographics effective to generate backlinks in seo consultant toronto?

Humans are visual beings and are more attracted to visuals than text. As a result of which, infographics attract readers more than articles. According to a recent study, infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than content which consists of only text. They are easy to digest as people understand a text better if it is accompanied by an illustration or infographic. Infographics are a combination of visuals and short written copy. They are simple and in an easy to read format.

Infographics can fit on almost any platform, be it websites, emails, social media platforms and even on printed advertising material. Due to this bite sized nature of infographics, they are three times more likely to be shared than any other kind of content.

Choose a topic that is currently trending and is already in the spotlight. Create content that is timeless to capture the attention of the audience. So that they read the infographics and can clink on the link of you website if interested. Quiz like infographics are a great way to stand out in static content and capture people’s curiosity. Generate an embed code for your infographics so that other websites can easily share your infographics.

Steps to generate backlinks using infographics seo consultant toronto:

Now that we have established that infographics are effective, let us learn how to use them properly to attract backlinks to grow your website. Given below are step by step process of using infographics for building links.

Content creation:

The first step is to create a valuable and useful infogrpahic. Be careful not to waste money on creating infographics that are fancy and expensive. You can use free and affordable tools to provide valuable content. People are more likely going to link back if your infographic content is valuable. Your infographic should contain data statistics as every marketer needs them to back up their arguments. Conduct surveys or researches and present them via infographics. Original research always gets plenty of backlinks as they provide valuable information that no one else can give. You can even make a compilation of data statistics from other sources and present them as one. If you create an ultimate guide about a certain topic, viewers can refer to your content for a deeper take on the subject.

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Infographic publication and submission:

After you have created the infographic, public it on your website and infographic directory sites such as Pinterest. When you are posting infographics on your website, make sure to optimize your page speed . Submitting your infographics on infographic directories will enable you to get free backlinks with very less effort.

Potential websites search:

You should aim to get your infographic published on other websites. Search for websites that have a similar niche to yours and reach out to them. There are certain tools that you can use to compile tons of websites in an instant. Then, export the web page data on a Google spreadsheet to manage and curate it easily.

Email addresses collection:

After you have curated the websites to see which one is fit to publish your infographic. Use tools that can help you collect the email addresses of writers, content managers and editors or people who are working on those websites.

Email outreach campaign:

After you have collected verified email addresses, do email outreach to promote your infographic. You can use automated email tools to send tons of emails in a short period of time. But the content will be same and generic. You can manually send emails one by one. Though this will take longer, but will allow you to personalize the emails more. You can increase your email engagement and open rate by optimizing it for mobile. As about 46% of people open emails from their mobiles. Make sure to keep your subject line short as they get higher open rates. You can even include an emoji in your subject line.

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This will help you to stand out of other emails on the recipients’ box. Also include a CTA at the end of the email so that your audience knows what to do next. No one wants to publish your work for free, so ensure to give them something like a guest post that benefits both of you. Guest posts are an effective way for your recipients to get free content for their blogs and you can gain a valuable backlink.

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