Ideas to Start an Online Side Business in 2022

If you are ready to put in time and effort, making money online is not a big deal. It has the potential to become a primary source of income. Today, we will outline some online business ideas to help you go in the right direction in 2022. While some of these can help you with passive income, others are great ways to create fortunes.

1. Affiliate Marketing Blogs

Think of it as you selling someone else’s products or services on your blog. Every time there is a sale through your blog, you get a commission. Simple! The concept can be explained in pretty simple points –

  • You promote products or services of a company on your blog.
  • You link those products/services from the content in your blog to their website.
  • When a visitor from your website clicks the links on your blog and purchases products, you get a commission from the company.

Affiliate marketing is a simple, scalable, and quick way to offer products and services to your website audience. You can definitely mint money through affiliate marketing if you do it right! But this concept has grown so popular that creating a blog and competing with other similar sites is not as easy. You may like to get help from web development Toronto to come up with a good affiliate marketing blog.

The following tips can help you set up a successful affiliate marketing blog.

  • Focus on a specific niche

Target your website towards a specific niche instead of going for a general topic. Your chosen niche preferably could be something that you are already familiar with.

  • Research affiliate programs for your niche

Be sure to do some research to find the best affiliate program that fits your niche and leads to larger profits in the long run.

  • Set a content agenda and stick to it

Connect with your readers regularly and once the blogging becomes a part of your routine, make sure to stick with it. Remember: you must blog regularly. This helps in search rankings as well as in building a visitor base to your website. Over time, your website will have more chances of becoming profitable.
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2. Online Drop Shipping store

Think creative and look for a cost-effective way of setting an online store up. Dropshipping can be a good option where you can sell products from other suppliers, manufacturers & distributors, who will manage the inventory and take care of the shipping on behalf. You just need to take care of marketing your online business and handle the sales. Below are the two important things you need to keep in mind while setting up your online dropship store:

  • Focus on a particular niche

Focus on attracting traffic for niche products instead of selling all the types of different products in the store.

  • Look for drop shipping partners with a sterling reputation

You should be careful in choosing to drop-ship partners who could meet your customer expectations by delivering the product on time and in good condition. As your business grows, you can add more products to your catalog and even ship some of the items yourself.  You must set-up your online store on WooCommerce. Website design Toronto can help you build a professional dropship online store.

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3. Resell web hosting

If you’re well familiar with website development, you can earn a solid income from reselling web hosting. The trick here is to get the service at the wholesale price and then you can sell it to your customer for a profit. You can house your clients’ websites on your hosting plan to add a revenue stream. Reseller web hosting enables you to start a business without excessive investment or years of experience. If you are a web designer, web hosting is an additional service you can offer to your clients.

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4. eLearning website

Online teaching business is a great opportunity to make money if you have a passion for teaching and growing communities. If you have a skill that other people would be interested in learning, create an online business, and share your insights with someone who is looking out for the knowledge. Offer some content on your website on a 15-day money-back trial. The trick is to generate quality content. If people like your content, they would not leave your platform.

There are many tools in the market that can help you set up your online teaching website. WooCommerce is one of the simplest platforms, on which you can set up your website.

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5. Multi-vendor eCommerce

You do not want to stock inventory, but love interacting with clients and negotiating on their behalf? Multi-vendor eCommerce could be one of the best business opportunities for you. All you have to do is create a platform where sellers and buyers can interact, and charge a fee on every transaction.

Here are few things to remember before pursuing this idea:

  • Find a niche – do not compete with eBay or Amazon; for example, our client MyHairToo focused on hair products for afro community
  • Get your web design done in Toronto; your website’s got to be unique
  • Finally, never stop marketing it; the more vendors and buyers you have on your platform, the more you are going to earn

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6. Job boards for specific niches

You can earn a good amount of money by creating job boards. To set up a job board for specific niches, all you have to do is

  • Spend time to spot good job offers for the specific niche
  • Charge the applicants a monthly fee in exchange for access and chance to apply to new openings on your job board
  • And you can also charge the company to add a listing on your job board

You have to use a platform that enables you to set up a job board and process the payment. You could do this using WordPress. Publish free content to increase the traffic from employers and job seekers. Remember, you might have to wait for the job board to turn profitable, but this business model is worth in the long run.

7. Websites you can sell

Finally, if you are willing to wait for a few months or maybe years for your work to get paid, the best option to make money online is to create a website or blog that you can sell. Think of it as building a house to sell it. Now, how can you monetize a website? Ads. All you need to do is drive traffic to your website. Then reach out to online Ad affiliate companies and offer your website’s real estate. Once software like AdPushup or Adsense is installed on your website, you can start making money.

Once you have established ad revenues and traffic to your website, you could then sell it. You can consider the following two platforms to sell your website.

  • Flippa deals with the small to medium websites. You can get a decent price for your website.
  • Empire Flippers is a better option for selling a website with profitable income.

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Starting a new online business involves lesser risk as it provides the flexibility to virtually work from anywhere. It also allows you to set up the business without large overheads.

With the help of web design Toronto agency and the above-mentioned ideas, you can launch a business online and get it running for monetary benefit. Let us know if you need any help with Web Development Toronto.