Design Values: Safety, Quality, and Innovation

Client Overview:

GrayCyan collaborated with Top Extracts, a US-based e-commerce company specializing in high-quality Kratom products sourced from trusted suppliers. The client sought GrayCyan’s expertise to revamp their website and enhance their customers’ experience.


Client’s Vision and Requirements:

Top Extracts aimed to create a visually compelling, user-centric website that reflects their values of safety, quality, and innovation. They wanted to transform their existing website to showcase their wide range of products beyond the homepage bestsellers range. GrayCyan was challenged to infuse their brand values into a clean, easy-to-use design, while retaining their high SEO ranking.


Client’s Vision and Requirements:

Top Extracts approached GrayCyan with a clear vision of creating a user-centric and visually compelling website that reflects their brand values of safety, quality, and innovation. They aimed to transform their existing website, which needed more categorization and product visibility beyond the homepage bestsellers range. Focusing on quirky, playful, and innovative brand values, Top Extracts challenged GrayCyan to infuse these elements into a clean, easy-to-use website design while retaining its high SEO ranking and ensuring product visibility.


Design and Development Approach:

GrayCyan undertook the project with a strategic approach to meet Top Extracts’ vision and requirements:

  • Retaining SEO Ranking:Despite the challenge of a high SEO ranking for specific products, GrayCyan revamped the website without compromising SEO. The new design seamlessly integrated Top Extracts’ brand values while preserving its search visibility by maintaining the website structure and strategically optimizing content.
  • Brand Value Integration:GrayCyan incorporated Top Extracts’ quirky, playful, and innovative brand values into the website design, ensuring a clean and easy-to-use interface that resonated with the target audience. Specific font styles complement the brand identity, providing a unique and cohesive look and feel.
  • Product Featuring:A key focus was transforming the website into a product-featuring platform, showcasing Top Extracts’ wide range of kratom products. Through strategic categorization and sectionization, users could easily explore and navigate different product types, enhancing their overall shopping experience.
  • Background Patterns:Inspired by kratom leaves, we designed background patterns to add depth and texture to the website, reinforcing Top Extracts’ branding and product identity. These patterns created visual interest while maintaining a cohesive design aesthetic.
  • Interactive Elements:The website featured interactive elements such as a background video banner, product animations, and leaf-themed add-to-cart symbols, adding a dynamic and engaging touch to the user experience.
  • Content Placement:Strategic placement of content, including customer reviews, latest blogs, and product FAQs, ensured maximum user engagement, and encouraged exploration. Clear CTAs guided users through the purchasing journey, enhancing conversion rates and driving sales.
  • Unique Footer Design:A unique footer design included essential links, payment methods, affiliations, contact information, and disclaimers, providing users with comprehensive information and reinforcing trust and credibility.


Client Satisfaction and Results:

Top Extracts expressed immense satisfaction with the revamped website, commending GrayCyan for nailing their vision and delivering a sample of what they had envisioned. The clean and innovative design, seamless navigation, and enhanced product visibility resonated with customers, resulting in improved user engagement and increased sales.



GrayCyan’s collaboration with Top Extracts exemplifies their commitment to delivering innovative and tailored web design solutions. By understanding Top Extracts’ brand values and customer needs, they successfully transformed their website into a visually stunning and user-friendly platform. Through meticulous planning, creative design, and seamless integration of features, they provided exceptional value to Top Extracts, helping them stand out in the competitive Kratom market.