Web Development Toronto: SaaS Development Industry Trends to Look Out For!

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What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

SaaS or “Software as a service” is a software licensing model. In which a third party provider hosts applications to make them available to clients over the internet.As SaaS offers versatility, user accessibility, security, agility. And also cost effective solutions for companies. Hence, it a viable choice for organizations and numerous business models.

Some key characteristics of SaaS:

  • Flexibility in payment: With SaaS, businesses have the option of utilizing various pricing structures. And not having to go through the expense of purchasing software and hardware. So, They just need to pay for the resources they need.
  • Scalability: Due to the inherent scalability of SaaS, businesses can be selective. Also, about the type of features and options they want and can expand with ease.
  • Accessibility: SaaS is easy to use and is user friendly. As, Software as a Service enables businesses to access applications from any digital platform. And at any given location, making it convenient for mobile platforms.
  • Increased Collaboration: With the facilitation of file sharing along with ease of understanding across systems with SaaS. So, businesses can easily promote collaborations across teams and departments.
  • Security: SaaS models offer enterprise level security. And the pre existing disaster recovery protocols in Cloud SaaS manage potential system failures. So, this means that even in case of a data breach, your business’s data is secure.
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Significant SaaS development industry trends attracting the most attention:

Artificial intelligence for business needs:

The first and the most innovative trends of SaaS is Artificial Intelligence. As it has brought numerous advantages to businesses and industries. The artificial intelligence technology is becoming more widespread. As many of the information technology leaders are working on developing these systems. Artificial Intelligence provides an advanced degree of responsiveness between clients, businesses and technology. And it optimizes businesses processes. The AI algorithm uses the most advanced machine learning algorithm for pattern recognition.

The new feature of AI, data alerts follow the trends and patterns. And notify you when something important happens. Hence, enabling you to keep control over your business. Artificial Intelligence, when combined with Saas, improves the key characteristics of the SaaS model. Like increasing productivity, efficiency and enabling businesses to obtain better value from their data. Artificial Intelligence in SaaS automates responsiveness in customer service reports. For instance AI powered chat operations with live chatbots. It also speeds up internal processes and operations. Also, it enables businesses to make quick forecasts and speeds up responsiveness.

Vertical SaaS:

This strategy is a completely customizable, cost effective option. And focuses on the specific needs within industries and supply chains. Which plays a critical role in gaining customer focused insights. Vertical SaaS is integrated with KPIs and pre-defined metrics. Which enables businesses to address long term procedures as well as performance. It includes industry specific compliance capabilities to address data governance procedures, providing transparency. Vertical SaaS provides a high degree of business value for company operations. As it has the ability to adapt features according to client demand and industry.

Vertical SaaS providers, who have specialization in a particular niche, can launch successful marketing programs. The number of specific solutions and potential competitors is smaller than horizonatal SaaS. Vertical SaaS gives more opportunities for business extension with less effort and investment. Vertical SaaS is a tried and tested way to attract great IT talent to develop a viable and profitable product.

Need for Application Programming Interface:

API or Application Programming Interface has been an integral part of software development for years. The overcrowded SaaS industries had similar solutions. Which made the customers realize the need to integrate SaaS into their existing business system. Some companies do not want to migrate their data to third party integration solutions. But look to improve their existing business systems by integrating various solutions via APIs.

Thought Leadership:

As more SaaS providers are competing for the attention of savvy businesses. And serving the needs of their audience through equal measures of inspiration and education. Hence, thought leadership will become widely accessible and prominent software as a service trend. One can gain more organic traffic. By creating content that is educational, than PR focuses content. SaaS resources are available in the form of videos, interactive applications, blogs, e-books and white papers. As they offer businesses a large amount of information about the industry.

Migration to PaaS:

As the software as a service industry is growing and evolving. So, many developers are focussing on customer retention along with customer acquisition. Saas, migrating towards PaaS (platform as a service) will allow companies to create customized applications. So, these act as add on to their original services. This SaaS trend of migrating to PaaS is expected to become all the more prevalent in the coming years. As its enhanced features and functionality will improve the overall agility of the business. Hence, it will give your company more time and space for innovation. And to focus on other commercial initiatives. PaaS model will facilitate the scalability of the organization more easily. This is because PaaS offerings are robust, flexible and accessible.

Micro SaaS:

With the rise in saturation in the market and competition, SaaS companies need new ways to innovate. They need to offer value and connect with new perspectives. As a result of which, more and more micro SaaS innovations are emerging. Micro SaaS is basically a SaaS business run by a small team consisting of one or two people. Having a narrow focus and targeting a niche market. Micro SaaS products are add-ons to existing platforms, which are created to enhance an existing SaaS product. These businesses have a small but dedicated user base. And have the ability to be location independent, have low overheads and a relatively low risk for the company.

Alternative Payment Model:

Alternative Payment model creates positive conditions to expand your business fast. To attract new partners to cater to the exiting need of clients. The pay per use or the PPU model can be used alone. Or along with subscription based approach to give your clients a choice. Before trying this model, it is important to analyse the metrics to determine which payment will serve you the best. Hence, the PPU model is successful for companies who have a well established client base.

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In Conclusion:

Innovative SaaS solutions are expected to grow in the coming years. AI powered SaaS, Vertical SaaS instead of horizontal SaaS, thought leadership, need for development of API, migration to PaaS, micro-SaaS. An alternative payment model are some of the top industry trend to watch out for in the coming year. As hundreds of SaaS start-ups are being launched every year. Hence, it is important to push your SaaS to the top of the market with simple steps like adding a blog or localizing prices.

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