SEO firm Toronto: Some SEO Misconceptions That Could Hurt Your Rankings

SEO is a constantly changing process. And if you are not up to date with the latest strategies, it is easy to get stuck in the old and obsolete processes. Many misconceptions can begin to form over the do’s and don’ts of optimizing your website. If you are trying to handle your SEO on your own or trusting a reputed SEO company to do the job for you, these misconceptions can get in the way of your SEO firm toronto strategy.

Common Misconceptions about SEO firm Toronto:

You probably are aware about the benefits; an optimized website will have for your business. It is essential that you are not caught up in the practices of the past, which can cause serious harm to the work you have put in your website. We will explore in this post, some of the biggest and the most concerning misconceptions people have about SEO firm toronto.

SEO is just keywords and links:

No doubt, keywords and links are important, but if you’re just counting on these to boost your rankings, you will surely be disappointed with the results. Search engines are constantly changing and are affected by more factors than just keywords and links. It is important to proportionally spend your time on other elements like the architecture of the website along with the social reputation. These factors, coupled with solid keywords and links will get you the results you are looking for.

Quantity is better than Quality:

It is a wrong notion that you need to produce multiple posts for your website’s blog. Search engine algorithms are getting smarter by the day and are recognizing and rewarding high quality content. The smarter approach would be to prepare and execute your blog posts. It is important to take out time to make sure that you are providing good and quality content in one blog post rather than posting multiple rushed out posts.

Rankings are everything in SEO firm toronto:

You may have managed to get a great ranking from the SEO rankings, but you still may not be getting the desired results. Your rankings need to be ranked with some factors like the right kind of audience reaching your website, along with website traffic to get a sense of the return on investment. Look beyond your rankings for some of the SEO practices like the growth in organic search traffic and search traffic per keyword. Measure the growth of conversions from organic search traffic and organic search traffic per keyword as well.

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Content marketing has replaced SEO:

We all know that search engines are now recognizing and putting high quality content over obsolete SEO practices. Many people might get the impression that SEO is dying off. SEO and content marketing go hand in hand. Quality content is essential to engage the customers but it is SEO that brings the customers to the content. For instance, your new business website is producing great content. But what use is it if nobody can find your website?

SEO firm toronto is a one time process:

SEO is an on-going process. Once you get the desired SEO results, it takes a whole lot of active and consistent effort to maintain your rank in the search engine results. It is important to think long term when it comes to SEO. Set up regular weekly or monthly reviews to take a look if your SEO strategy is performing well. If it is not, make necessary changes.

Google is the one and only search engine:

When it comes to search engines, most people tend to think of only Google. If you are focussing only on Google, you are leaving a lot of potential traffic that visit search engine pages like Bing and Yahoo. Aside on concentrating the focus on traditional search engines, marketers need to focus on social engines as well. Social engines can ne their own engines. For instance, people usually search for companies for their social account on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It can be a tedious process if multiple profiles pop up and you cannot find the account you are looking for. Hence it is a reminder that content needs to be optimized for not just search engines but social engines as well.

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On-page SEO is not important:

One common misconception is that on-page SEO is not important. Your website needs to have a strong foundation and search engines do not like sites that have neglected theirs. One-page SEO is where you start from. For instance, a website that is optimized for mobile search and has relevant meta tags will have a better visibility and will rank higher on the search engine search results. An ideal web page has the subject in the title tag, URL, H! Heading, image alt text. Note that you use the subject multiple times within your content. Make sure that your content is unique and your page should provide links to other relevant content.

You can beat the search engine algorithms to rank high on the search engine results:

Google search engine algorithms are sophisticated and if you try to buy links to boost your ranking, Google will know. Google will know you are up to something if you have zero links one day and 500 links within the next month. Hence, it is important to focus on doing things the right way as Google penalizes such sites.

With SEO, you do not need any publicity:

Another common misconception is that you might assume that if your site is well optimized, people will easily find you. Even if you are getting plenty of organic traffic, you should focus on publicity as well. As people are constantly bombarded by multiple results and ads on search engines, chances are that they’ll pass right by you if they have not heard of you or your brand. Hence, keep on working on your PR efforts to build your brand awareness.

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When it comes to SEO, a key concept is moderation. You need to follow long standing SEO practices as search engines reward quality content that is well structured and which people are most likely to want to read or share. If you keep these principles in mind, while doing SEO, your website will surely have better rankings, which will lead to more leads and conversions.

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