Rentsource – Recovering the lost SEO ranking

Client Overview:

Rentsource is a leading equipment and tool rental company that serves the Newmarket and Aurora regions. The company is known for its top-quality brand-name equipment and exceptional delivery services to job sites. Rentsource specializes in offering a diverse mix of products for general construction and industrial tools. The company aims to build long-term customer relationships by providing competitive rates and dependable equipment. However, Rentsource experienced a significant drop in SEO ranking and traffic following a website redesign by a different agency. This setback highlighted the need for specialized SEO optimization services, leading Rentsource to partner with GrayCyan.

Client Requirements:

Rentsource’s main concern was the dramatic 70% loss in SEO ranking and traffic following their website’s previous redesign, which failed to adhere to SEO best practices. The company stressed the need to recover from this setback and enhance its online presence effectively. Additionally, Rentsource aimed to increase tool rental inquiries by showcasing its unique value proposition and backstory in a way that would engage industry professionals and leaders.

SEO Optimization Strategy by GrayCyan:

GrayCyan, with its profound expertise in SEO optimization, embarked on a strategic mission to address Rentsource’s concerns and objectives. Beginning with a comprehensive audit of the current website, our team identified critical areas for improvement, focusing on SEO practices, page loading speed, and overall user experience.

Technical Enhancements for Improved Performance:

Recognizing the pivotal role of SEO in website performance, our initial steps involved technical optimizations such as reducing unnecessary JavaScript and enhancing page loading speed. These efforts resulted in an initial 10-15% increase in traffic, setting the stage for more significant SEO advancements.

Focused SEO Strategies for Increased Inquiries:

Central to our approach was developing a targeted SEO strategy to increase tool rental inquiries. By creating additional pages and establishing relevant backlinks, we significantly improved Rentsource’s online visibility, which recovered and surpassed previous SEO rankings. These strategic enhancements doubled website traffic within eight months, directly contributing to increased rental inquiries and customer engagement.

Client Feedback and Achievements:

The feedback from Rentsource was exceptionally positive, with the client acknowledging that GrayCyan had effectively met their SEO optimization needs. Our efforts in recovering and enhancing their SEO ranking were particularly appreciated, as was our success in significantly boosting tool rental inquiries. Rentsource valued the strategic focus on its unique market position and the effective communication of its brand story and product offerings.


This collaboration between Rentsource and GrayCyan underscores the importance of integrating SEO best practices with a deep understanding of a client’s unique market position and goals. GrayCyan significantly enhanced Rentsource’s online visibility and user engagement by focusing on SEO optimization, cementing its status as a leader in the equipment rental industry. This case study reaffirms GrayCyan’s commitment to providing specialized SEO solutions that drive traffic, improve rankings, and boost business inquiries, ensuring our clients’ success in an increasingly digital world.

For businesses in the Newmarket and Aurora regions looking to elevate their online presence through expert SEO optimization services, GrayCyan offers bespoke solutions designed to meet and exceed your specific needs and objectives. Our team is dedicated to propelling your brand to new heights with strategic SEO practices tailored to your unique business landscape.