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SEO and Content have been siblings since the dawn of digital marketing. Marketers have always promoted content along with SEO, just not with some fancy coined term. Content marketing is essential to any business’ SEO services Canada strategy. Of course the practice has been prevalent and everything, very few marketers really know the prominence of it. 

Buffer, for example, was one of the very first brands that amalgamated these two practices in their right essence. It laid emphasis on content promotion and planning which lead to its success paramount. 

In lay terms, SEO and content strategy should ideally go hand in hand, like Buffer did, to dominate their niche. They go on to enjoy the success of the powerful brand they have created and now enjoy healthy daily traffic. GrayCyan offers the best website design Toronto and is a top notch Toronto SEO agency. Our skilled team of professionals provide the best SEO services Canada and Toronto web design services.

Some of the SEO takeaways around content planning

1.    Listen to your audience. What pains them. They will only relate to your brand if their problems are solved. 

2.    The audience that have bounced back can be retargeted and they should surely be. Communication is the key of getting things done.

3.    Evolve continuously. Build a brand and a content strategy that adheres strictly to the trends and the behavioural pattern of the audience/consumers. 

4.    Attract them by offering regular discounts. 

By integrating the above mentioned elements into the content mix, marketers focus less on ‘click/ traffic’ notion and more on bigger plans for the business. But why is that marketers are failing to understand the dire need of incorporating content strategy in their digital space. Take a look.

A thing or two about content marketing

To start with, content marketing does sound like an easy term to come by. How hard can it be? Huh. Couple of blogs and visual content sprinkled well across the web isn’t really content marketing. Well executed content strategy with SEO elements make a phenomenal ROI at the end of the day and cements a huge amount of trust and authenticity in the eyes of its audience/ consumers. 

It’s simple math. Tell stories that consumers find interesting and keep them riveted with a few offers here and there along with a solid intention to solve their problems.The thing is, if the consumers find that your content is marketable with even a tinge of promotion, they will out rightly reject your vibe. It sounds bizarre but it makes sense. Consumers would relate more if they see that you’re really trying to solve their problem because duh, no one wants to live with problems. 

Just tap into their lifestyle, catch their nerve and solve their problems, your content will make more impact then you can imagine. Great content would act like abridge between you and your niche audience and would create far reaching ripples for your brand.

How to go about it?

The rule is clear, if you want to dominate your niche market, you need to create content that is purely in alignment with the SEO elements. Start by providing solutions to your niche audience and get an SEO services Canada expert to advise you to find high ranking keywords within the domain. This is for Google to rank the content according to the keywords that were inserted in the content.

Thorough research only adds to the SEO services Canada elements and the content mix. With the right keywords placement and targeting of the niche audience, you can drive traffic directly to your website. Various CTA (Call to action) button can push them further. Some of the ideas that can help businesses with the content mix could be:

1.    Fears

2.    Desires

3.    Interests

4.    Problems

Despite of knowing it all, many marketers struggle with the “I don’t what’s up with the strategy” syndrome. Why exactly though? Clients want ROI because they’ve invested their hard earned money into sealing that contract and they want to see results. 

Some of the reasons that seemingly put an end to marketers’ efforts:

1.    Inaccurate content planning. Let’s face this. The whole content marketing is the new buzz bandwagon is pure illusion. SEO expert across Canada and elsewhere have been using it since the age of Neanderthals. Without proper alignment, no one’s getting anywhere. Planning is a super must. 

2.    Failing to stay on top of the trends. Staying with the flow of the current trends of content planning is like buttercream to the red velvet cake.Total wastage and so incomplete if you don’t get it right. No one’s saving the sinking boat if you don’t stay atop. 

3.    Advertising or Content Marketing? The difference is easy.Advertise means to promote services, pure visual appeal, providing fill up forms to increase sales. Content Marketing is connecting with the audience, sending across a message through visual storytelling, building trust and gaining mindshare. 

Now the glitch is that the marketers often seem to not tell them apart. Once the advertising campaign dies, so do your lead forms, your audiences, their interests and they’re back to square one. Hence creating value in the visuals and written content is highly imperative for the brand to stay afloat.

If the marketers only concentrate on selling their products and services, it hardly does the trick. It’s like selling and still not look like selling. Twisted, but true. Figure out what the audience ticks with or where does the shoe pinch, and your half the battle is won.

Content marketing techniques should bridge the gap between the products and the niche audience. 

1.    Lacking the required knowledge. Goes without saying but reiteration is very important. Without the knowledge of digital marketing trends, even the gurus can’t help you. Knowing how the Google works should be on the fingertips of all marketers. You don’t need the client telling you things from your domain. To stay ahead in the game, concentrate on these parameters. Do a thorough research and plan accordingly. Hire SEO expert to understand ongoing market trends. History and analytics are your best friends, leverage them well. Thorough and thorough researched content. 

2.    Churning out bulk content. Digital marketing and content marketing agencies forget that quality is the essence of both content and SEO practices.Churning out bulk content just because you want to get your rankings up will never work. Google has a lot of data stored about anything and everything. Get your content mix in tandem with that researched data and you’ll be good to go in the long run. In the end, it’s about audience’s needs and interests and less about the product or services businesses want to provide. 

3.    Campaign planning. Unlike advertising campaign with a little shelf life, content campaigns need proper planning because the effects last longer.You cannot hire writers to write bulk content because once the campaign ends, so does the content with it. Hence, content along with SEO is a pertinent practice. The message sticks and the writers can grab opportunities for effective marketing solutions. 

Basics of SEO remain the same. Be it Bing, Google or Amazon.

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