What are Some Top Website Design Tips to Increase Web Traffic?

Customers are the sole reason behind the success of any business, and without them, it’s hard to keep going. If your business has a website to advertise your goods and/or services. Then doubtless one of your main priorities is finding out how to generate custom via web traffic. So that you can boost your sales and your brand.

Fortunately, there are many ways to increase web traffic. The following design tips could help you achieve your goals far quicker, without spending a fortune:


Advertise well:

Ask yourself whether you want more traffic. Whether you want to increase your conversion rate, too, and then adjust your paid advertising strategies accordingly. With benefits and disadvantages to each paid channel, you’ll need to carefully consider your options before you commit. Targeting high commercial intent keywords as part of your paid search strategy could prove fruitful in increasing sales. While competition for these search terms is high, it could be a worthwhile investment.


Take advantage of social media outlets:

The great content that you’ve put so much effort into creating is surely worth promoting. One of the best ways of doing this is via social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, GMB and Instagram. Take advantage of the hordes of users who visit these sites daily, and promote your brand to the max.


Be creative with your content:

Not everyone in your target audience has the same likes and needs when it comes to websites. So make your blogs, posts and articles unique, of varying lengths, and use infographics and videos to try. Appeal to as many users as you can, and give a wider audience the opportunity to view your site and read about your products and services.

Make your headlines stand out:

Compelling headlines that draw users in are essential for any successful website, and when done well, can definitely increase traffic. If you’re struggling with this important aspect of your web design, why not seek professional help to attract more users?

Don’t neglect on-page SEO:

While SEO has been around for some time now, it’s still just as relevant today and is worth investing in. If you’re not creating internal links to new content, writing meta descriptions or maximizing image alt text, you could be missing out on valuable web traffic.

Emphasize long-tail keywords:

Accounting for the majority of web searches, long-tail keywords should be targeted as part of your paid search or SEO strategies, or again, you could end up missing out on web traffic.

Use guest blogs:

Posting high-quality, original guest blog content with no spam crammed links, can be an extremely effective way to bring new readers to your site, but be warned, Google is increasingly on the look-out for low-quality guest blogging.

Use traditional methods such as email marketing:

While traditional methods of marketing may often get overlooked, they can still be great ways of increasing web traffic, and their value shouldn’t be underestimated. A powerful tool, email marketing, when done properly, can help remind your customers or site visitors that you’re still there, and still promoting your products and/or services. Bombarding people with emails can have the opposite effect though, so be careful to send out emails strategically, and periodically.

Ensure that your site is responsive:

With more people accessing the internet via a selection of mobile devices, if your site isn’t readily accessible on a variety of platforms, users will simply go elsewhere. Even if you have a rudimentary website. If it isn’t responsive, it won’t perform well for you and could lose you web traffic.

Make your website speedy:

The only thing a website that takes an eternity to load will get you, is bounces. If your website takes too long to load, users will quickly go elsewhere to find what they need. If your pages aren’t technically optimized with correct file sizes and page structure. Then you might need to seek professional help to correct this before you lose web traffic altogether.

Make your voice heard by commenting:

While commenting on a post or article related to your business in some way, won’t magically result in traffic jams to your site. But it could help you give yourself a name in the industry or field. Help to promote your thoughts and feelings along with your business. You could entice some users to your own site. Just as with guest posting, try to make your comments as useful and relevant as possible, and avoid adding unnecessary links to unrelated websites.

Host webinars:

These can be a fantastic way of sharing your wisdom and knowledge with an audience, and when you combine a webinar with an effective social promotion campaign. You could greatly improve the flow of traffic to your website. Make sure that you give users the chance (and enough time) to register for the webinar. Once it’s over, archive it for later viewing and promote it widely through popular social media outlets. Webinars are not everyone’s forte, and if you would like help creating an effective one to help increase web traffic to your site, reach out to a professional web design agency who can help get you started, and even produce a webinar for you.

As you’ve just read, many of these web design features are free, or economical options for all kinds of businesses, and with a few simple alterations and upgrades to your marketing strategy. You could give traffic to your site a push in the right direction.


If you would like more advice and guidance about how to increase web traffic, consult with a reputable web design agency who will get you on the busy road to more sales, quicker than you might think possible.