Top Nine Most Common Website Problems and How to Prevent Them

A website can be best defined as a bridge which connects you to thousands of potential buyers. Thus, it becomes crucial to maintain a decent website to be a leader in the industry. The main problem with the digital area is the constantly changing trends and not keeping your website Design up-to-date. This will automatically lead to your downfall. Here are the nine most common website problems along with practical ways to solve them within a shorter time.


  1. Taking matters into your hands?

Many small business owners often build their website themselves with the help of YouTube tutorials to save money. However, the unprofessional website design impacts the credibility of your business. Do you think without the help of an expert website designer, you can make your website stand out amongst billions?


Solution – Hire a professional web designer, and yes, do not make the mistake of hiring a graphic designer instead. Communicate and utilize his expertise to represent your brand to target audience in the best way possible. A change of logo or background colors can increase the aesthetic appeal of your website to a great degree.


  1. Faulty Imagery

You must have calculated the cost of getting high-quality images, but have you thought about how much their absence is costing your business? Visitors will judge every portion of your website; low-resolution images are simply unacceptable.


Solution – Along with quality, relevance to your business is the main point to be considered here. Hire an expert, who can make your message align with correct image content and quality. Unappealing images will leave a bad impression and hence will cost you way more money than what you will pay for the extraordinary services of the professional website designer.


  1. Missing or Broken Links

Is there something worse than the main image on the homepage? Yes, having an image that just won’t appear. Typos in the file location lead to 404 error messages, which are traffic killers.


Solution – Ensure that files linked to an outsourced resource, which no longer exist, are replaced instantly. Your business needs a technical team to monitor and tackle such issues within no time to ensure that your business flourishes.


  1. Poor Website Content

Text content exists on your site for a reason, to grow your business by engaging potential customers. Poor content, littered with mistakes, gives the impression of a careless business and might make the visitors unhappy.


Solution – People prefer content that is not only easy to read but also easy to think about. A professional content writer with years of experience and understanding of your product can help to increase you craft content that makes difference.


  1. Missing Social Media Sharing Options

You hired an awesome content writer, and there are hundreds of excellent blog posts, but your business is not growing? The culprit might be missing social media sharing buttons. The power of social media is that with regular sharing over multiple platforms, you will get enough social media popularity to grow your business.


Solution – Make your blog posts shareable today. Do not put these buttons at the top; instead, footer or sidebar would be an ideal place. Along with this, increase the time of stay by putting relevant/similar posts section at the bottom.


  1. Hidden Contact Details

So, you managed to impress the visitors with accurate details and shiny photos of your product, and they are ready to buy. However, your website won’t display a clear method of contacting you, and you will end up losing another sale just because the customers can’t reach you.


Solution – Along with putting generic information at the footer of the homepage, get a dedicated ‘Contact Us’ page today. However, do not expose your email address directly to avoid unsolicited emails from spammers.


  1. Lack of On-Page Website SEO

Your business is at a significant disadvantage, if your website is not properly optimized for search engines. Properly optimized pages for search engines will ensure your website is ranking higher in the search results.


Solution – Stuffing each page with tons of keywords to ensure that your website shows up in search results is not a good approach. Get an experienced SEO company or individual to help you identify problem areas and plan social media strategies. To improve your website’s SEO, make the content on every page unique to build trust and engagement.


  1. Is your website Design Mobile Friendly?

Roughly 60% of all online searches come from smart mobile devices, not desktops. You will end up losing a massive number of potential leads if your website doesn’t display or load properly on mobile devices.


Solution – Mobile optimization is ensured with the help of using the latest responsive design for your website because the site will be displayed properly on all-sized screens. Not only this, but responsive design is comparatively easier to maintain.


  1. Website Security Issues

The most overlooked aspect of websites is security. Is there a point in doing everything, but ignoring the fact that you need to keep your customers safe during transactions? Hackers usually aim for smaller businesses because their security is often poor.


Solution – Obtain an SSL certificate to encrypt the data transfer between visitors and the website. Protect the content on your website with the help of up-to-date copyright legislation. Also, there are many free website security tools to assist you in providing maximum security for your business.


Lastly, always plan for the worse and keep a backup of your website periodically to tackle unforeseen circumstances where your site gets destroyed or hacked.