Mississauga Web Design Company: Google June 3 Broad Core Update: All You Need to Know

All you need to know:

Google announces core updates several times a year. Knowing when major updates happen, can help explain to the search marketers. It can help them know about changes that happen in rankings, dip and rise in the organic website traffic. And this in turn helps them improve search engine optimization. As Google algorithm updates, mississauga web design company usually come without warning. But on June 2, 2019, Google released a note on its Twitter account @searchliaison, giving prior warning to the SEO community about the upcoming broad core update. Google’s Danny Sullivan admitted in his tweet, that the June 2019 Core Update would be “definitely noticeable”.

After the update, there has been some serious and noticeable fluctuations in the ranking of Sistrix, RankRanger, SearchMetrics and Moz. This core update has affected a wider number of websites than the previous updates. Google also announced that it would be updating its search results to show more site diversity in its search results. This means that Google will attempt to provide varying choice on the first page. And not more than two results from the same domain in the top search results.

Google Broad Core Update

The Google Broad Core Update is more of a general cleanup unlike the Panda and Penguin updates. Which target sites with low quality content and have a major effect in the search rankings. The Broad Core Update results in lesser fluctuation in the rankings than the other updates. For site owners who see a dip in their rankings, Google gives just one advice. And that is to offer consistent and high quality content. This is done to rank higher in the search engine results. The content should match the intent of the searcher.

Is Google June Broad Core Update Using Wikipedia to Judge Sites?

The health site, Mercola claims that they lost about 99 percent of their traffic from the June 2019 Broad Core Update. According to Dr. Mercola, Google’s algorithm is lowering the ranking of undesirable content, based on Wikipedia’s assessment of the author or the site. Dr. Mercola cites that the reason why Google has stopped ranking mercola.com for health related queries was due to the negative statements published on Wikipedia about the site.

The Google Quality Raters Guidelines is a manual for raters. It uses reputation research to find out what users think about a website. This is done for the purpose of evaluating changes to Google’s algorithm. The Google Quality Raters Guidelines also instructs raters to use blogs, newspapers, review sites and Wikipedia to research the reputation of a site and to see if Google is returning high quality sites.

Wikipedia is also used by Google to judge the reputation of a site for the purpose of providing feedback on quality of search results. However, Bill Slawski, an expert on search related patents, has not published anything to suggest that Google algorithm is using Wikipedia for reputation ranking.

Types of sites affected by the June 2019 Core algorithm update:

A large number of sites saw significant changes after the June 2019 Broad Core update a couple of sites. They are as follows:

1. Health Sites: Many health sites saw significant changes that were affected by the Google Algorithm update. These sites have made nice improvements with the June 3 core update. However, several alternative medicine sites have seen a drop in their traffic. These sites are small sites that that cover subjects which generally contradict general scientific consensus. There is a possibility that Google could use Natural Language processing to determine whether the content is trustworthy. The latest June Core Update hit is due to Google wanting to put less emphasis on sites which promote alternative medicine. That do great work but are not recognized by doctors as valid options for treatment.

2. E-Commerce sites: Many of the E-Commerce sites have been positively affected since the Broad Core Update. The one thing that is common with the sites that saw improvements is that they are businesses which already have a good brand recognition. And saw improvements because of quality related changes. It is possible that Google is treating the information on the website of a well recognized brand with more trust because of brand recognition.

Some other type of sites affected by the update

Cryptocurrency sites: Cryptocurrency sites have seen significant drops with the June 3 Broad Core Update. The possible reason for this could be that the cryptocurrency sites have less trustworthy stuff than some of the more widely recognizable sites. Or could be due to Google reassessing several signals like brand authority and link trust.

News sites: Many newspapers like Daily Mail have seen a 50% drop in their daily traffic after the June 3 update. The possible reason could be that these newspapers are producing content that is sensational, but not trustworthy. Wikipedia has an entire page that the publication is unreliable and its use as a reference should be prohibited. And it should not be quoted at all. News websites appear to be impacted the most, suggesting that Google may have raised the bar for news quality content. Publications like CCN have announced that they would be shutting down after losing 71% of their mobile traffic and about 90% of their revenue.

How will the Core Update Affect My Site?

There is no evidence to suggest that your website and content will be dramatically affected by the broad core update. There might be drops or gains in the performance of your website. Google recommends building great content and following Search Quality Rater Guidelines in order to fix pages that are not performing well. More than often, people are looking for a quick fix with Search Engine Optimization to improve your pages’ search ranking.

Though SEO can have an immediate outcome and improve your site speed. But the SEO efforts are usually a long term play. As the June 3 Core Update follows similar guidelines as the previous core updates, Google suggests that no major website changes are needed. If you are implementing best practices for ranking well. As the effects of the Google algorithm update is very unpredictable, it is important to keep a constant eye on the data of your website. So that you can act and make changes if you notice any significant changes in the ranking of your website.


With any algorithm update, some sites may see drops, while others may see gains. The June 3 core algorithm update was the result of Google tweaking some dials. The drop and rise in Google’s ranking is some type of a multiplier in their algorithms. As there are many factors that are used to determine whether a site has quality issues. A site’s overall score can be reduced if one of the factors is lacking. This explains that why one site could be authoritative and have expertise. But if they are lacking in trust, they can fail to rank well on the Search engine. Some pages might not perform as well because of the update, but the update might benefit pages mississauga web design company that were under-rewarded previously.

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