Privacy Policy

GrayCyan is web property of Buzo International Services Inc. (Buzo)

Use of Information

Information collected by Buzo about its users is used internally by authorized employees of Buzo for four main purposes: First, we collect information to determine which areas, features, and products our users like the most and find most helpful, so we can continue to improve the site. Second, we collect information in order to personalize the site for our users. Finally, we collect information to enable our users to download white papers, case studies, etc. on our site. This information may be used to contact users at a later stage to advertise, promote or sell our services. Fourth, in cases of inquiries sent through lead forms either on our website or 3rd party website, we reserve the right to contact you unless you specifically ask us in writing not to contact you after our first call.

Cookies & IP Addresses

At times, the Buzo website will send your computer a "cookie" which is a small data file that's stored on your hard drive. Cookies are used to give you better, more personalized service. This information is for internal use only, and is not made available to any third parties. The cookies will collect data such as IP addresses, cookie identifiers, website activity to make your experience on our website better. Some web browsers allow the option of blocking cookies if you wish, however this may cause some sections of the website to not function properly

IP Address Tracking

Computers and servers on the Internet use IP addresses to recognize and communicate with each other. Collecting IP addresses allows us to administer and analyze our site and report traffic information. When you call up a Buzo page on your computer, the Buzo's host servers enter the IP address of that computer into a log. We do not, and cannot, use cookies or IP address tracking to retrieve personal information from your computer.

General Security

Buzo uses the latest encryption technologies and rigorous password protections to ensure the security of your user ID, password, and personal information. Your information is only viewed by authorized staff members, and cannot be accessed by anyone other than staff members, or any third parties.

Policy Changes

Buzo reserves the right to modify this Policy at any time, and such modifications are effective upon posting of the modified Policy. Accordingly, you agree to review the policy periodically, and your continued access or use of this site shall be deemed your acceptance of the modified agreement.

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