SEO Company Toronto: Common Objections to SEO

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It is common to get objections during a sales process. As soon as one thinks that things are going smoothly, they are hit with an objection. Clients usually have doubts about the value of the traffic, so it is difficult to convince clients and stakeholders that SEO company toronto is worth investing in. Some of the most common objections to SEO and how to counter them are given below:

Common objections to SEO company toronto:

Other channels are better as they drive more traffic/conversions:

The number one objection to SEO is that other channels like PPC (pay per click) or social media drives more traffic and conversions and so it is better than SEO. But it is important to note that every channel has a different purpose. Social media is mostly for engagement and audience development and is not used to drive conversions most of the time. If you are just investing time and money on PPC and social and not into getting organic traffic through SEO, you might or might not get conversions. Do not forget that success follows investment. If you invest in SEO, you are more likely to get better leads and conversions.

SEO is not useful as SERPs are full of advertisements:

Another objection clients might have is that SEO does not have any kind of value as SERPs are full of ads and organic results are pushed really down low. But it is important to note that majority of the searches do not trigger ads. Most of the searches are informational and navigational, instead of being commercial. People usually research and compare before buying. So, SEO and PPC are much more effective when they work together and are shown on the search results together for a single company.

SEO takes a long time to bring results:

This is one of the most common objections one hears about SEO. SEO is a long term strategy and it takes time and investment for any website to build sustainable credibility. SEO is an investment and not a onetime purchase. If you want to improve your site’s rankings steadily to build your website’s authority within your industry, it is important to note that SEO is not a growth hack. It is not a tactic that will work on your website instantly. It is the job of a reputable SEO agency to plan and implement a strategy that will help you achieve sustained growth without resorting to unethical techniques. GrayCyan is a SEO company Toronto, SEO consultant Toronto offering affordable SEO Toronto.


You cannot measure the Return on Investment (ROI):

Another main objection is that clients do not want to invest in SEO because they feel that they are not getting any proof that they are getting any return on the investment. People usually want to predict ROI before diving into the project. SEO return on investment is not an easy thing to quantify for the average business owner. SEO is not like PPC, where clicks will come right away. It is important to note that the goal of SEO is to drive quality traffic to your website, Show to the client by showing them case studies of how they have helped their clients in the past.


Sometimes business owners might feel that they do not have a budget for an SEO. They might not see the value for the money of investing in SEO. So, it is important to explain to them, how much they could gain by investing in SEO.

Brand is enough:

A few business owners might think that their brand is enough and they do not need an SEO. Educating them about the benefits of SEO. The immense benefits of non branded keywords will surely help them to see the benefits in a new light.

In house SEO is cheaper:

Business owners might feel that it might be easy to do SEO in house. But if you have an aggressive sales goal, you need a team of experts to make meaningful progress. GrayCyan is a top design firms Toronto that uses AI driven tools to deliver most impactful results.

SEO is unpredictable:

As the search engine algorithms are constantly changing, business owners might feel that investing in SEO is of no use. But it is important to use a reputable SEO agency like GrayCyan which thrives on analyzing search trends and testing new techniques for SEO.

How to Deal with Objections

Making a sale mostly depends on how you deal with the objections. Some pointers for such situations are given below:

  • Establish the trust of your client: The main goal of any SEO company toronto is to first and foremost to establish a rapport with the client and to show to them that you are there to listen to them and help them with their problems.
  • Listen to why the objection is being raised: In some cases delay tactics can be mistaken as objections. A good SEO agency listens, anticipates and spots objections in everything that their prospect is saying.
  • Qualify the objection and confirm it: A good SEO agency asks the prospect if the objection is the only reason they won’t buy from you and confirm it not once, but multiple times. By doing this, they are making sure that this is the only objection.
  • Do everything in your power to overcome the objection: At GrayCyan, SEO consultant Toronto we not only help our clients increase organic traffic, but facilitate growth in other ways like doing anything in our ammo to overcome the objections of our client. We have helped our clients achieve increase in traffic and revenue.
  • If everything fails, set a follow up:  Sometimes all these things might not be enough to get your prospect to buy. So it is important to set a follow up, be it just an e mail or a call and not let them go just yet.
seo company toronto


Sometimes, people do not understand the potential of SEO. Search Engine Optimization drives significant traffic over a long period of time. While, paid advertisements are more relied upon to give quick results, but these results are usually short lived. SEO is a long term strategy that has an indispensible role in bringing traffic to the website.

We at GrayCyan, SEO company Toronto are committed to helping our clients build sustainable SEO strategies and we not just promise, but deliver as well. We help you develop a themed keyword strategy that will help bring qualified organic traffic to your website. Our SEO work is based on good quality content, resulting on search engines placing your website at a higher position. Hiring design firms Toronto like GrayCyan is an investment worth making. We do not believe in making quick fixes, but we try to be an integral part of your marketing department and help leverage your data to improve aspects of your website by offering affordable SEO Toronto.

We provide digital marketing services that will help you grow your business to enable you outrank your toughest online competitors. If you are looking for top digital services, fell free to call 1(888)-WEB-DEV-0 or e-mail for more information.