Web Design Toronto: Breaking the Web Development Myth

Times have changed. Business rolled at every nook and cranny. And website development web design toronto has never been this crucial than today. Imagine yourself making a purchase without going over a digital footprint. Nah. Quite not the scenery we’d hope.And more so, would you trust a business without its own website? Another red flag we guess.

It’s no longer a luxury to be able to afford a website for your business because there are literally hundreds and thousands of website development options now days. The competition is getting harder and the technology has been ever helpful. The businesses should ideally get on the web development bandwagon and toot their horns wide and loud. This is the easier part. Getting your costs in tandem with the website development is another task all together.

Website designers web design toronto are extremely crucial to help these businesses in getting a word out about the services and products the business has to offer. Owing to the low costs of website design, the entire area has undergone drastic scenario changes.

Let’s take a look at all the factors that affect the cost of the website development.

First off comes the size of the project.

The costing is directly proportional to the website’s size. A normal informational website would include maximum 10 pages and some forms.  They are generally used by startups, new businesses, that do not have complex customizations. The websites in these cases are always made keeping in mind that they would be expanded in the future with new sections, content and services.

Next comes small business that either redesign the existing website or take this plunge a little later in their work. These websites ideally have 20 pages and do not require heavy customizations.

E-commerce websites come next with a wide website catalogue to offer which in turn makes it a little complex to work.  A great part of their sales is initiated on the website pages which requires integrating countless forms. This in turn makes the process of web development a little dodgy and all the more complicated.Hence, more expertise means heavy sums of money drained out.

Other factors:

Convenience is another factor that affects the costing of your website design and development. There are hundreds of tasks in regular doing that needs tending to that often the website development takes a back burner. Hiring a full-fledged team to do it from your office space or enrolling a freelance website developer from a remote position would drastically affect the costing of your domain and web design. Of course, the one who’s not in front of you would charge you relatively less but imagine the time it would take for you to co-ordinate that task. Hence, the pricing.

We can’t ignore the design. Design is almost your virtual world wardrobe. First impressions always go a long way and a website with good design sure makes the users ie; your future client stick. An uninterested website design would never score much traffic. Again, do a thorough research of your competition and then decide what design works out for you.

Some design examples

  1. Design of the home page
  2. The product page design
  3. Design of the blog page
  4. Contact’s page design
  5. Design of some special services page

So, here’s the thing. If the pages mentioned above have different modules or structures or visual appeal, the designer would have to allocate time to each one of them separately. More work means more costing, however, if the design is simple. The pages are almost similar looking, it would take less time and the resources used would be less expensive.

SEO integration is a very important aspect on which the costing of a website development sits tight. A good web developer would know that placing the website in tandem with the search engine hocus pocus is more than necessary. The website would be optimized in accordance to the search engine keyword findings making it easier to rank higher in the search hits. Of course, whenever any content needs to be put on these websites it has to be optimized for SEO purposes. This service is pricey, but imperative.

Off site optimization

Offsite optimization means submitting your website to search engines and directories, engaging in social media, providing your site with rich content. All the rest of the stuff I write about here.You can do much of this yourself, if you have the time. The knowledge with a good website, you should be busy enough not to have the time.Prices for these services vary widely, too. There are companies offering SEO services of various kinds at various rates all over the web. The differences in prices and services are even greater than those for design.


Complex websites like e-commerce and interactive UI designs require complicated design elements. Even the functionality is affected this way. E-commerce websites require payment gateways, sign up forms, and all other sorts of security firewalls. This requires the budget to rise significantly and affect the overall costing of the website.

You can write your own web content, and many businesses do. It’s usually a mistake. Writing for the web is a specialized skill, just as web design is. It’s not the same as writing an email to your friends, or a print ad, or even a sales letter. And your content has the largest effect on your success with search and conversions of any decision listed in this post.“Content,” as we all know, “is king.” Copywriting is also never the expensive part of a website. Writing your own website is simply false economy.

Why GrayCyan?

If you’re working with a web design firm to tidy up your website, also hire their writers if they have in place. At GrayCyan, we provide assistive writing to all your web content needs, along with providing the best web development Toronto, making us the best SEO company Toronto.

A common misconception is if the website has been developed once, its expenses will stop. There’s the thing with maintenance. Obviously, the initial design and a structure requires a chunk full of funds, but the actual work starts later. There are hundreds of ongoing expenses that keeps the website afloat and secure. Here are some of the post launch expenses that one should be willing to pay for after the completion of the website.

Web hosting

All the data and the content that the site upholds in the cyberspace has a backup at some secure place, also called server, which is live on a physical hard drive somewhere. The cost of the web hosting depends on the size of the site and the amount of data and space it uses on the server.Owning a server surely adds to the cost of the web hosting. Larger sites use more bandwidth, more pages, more content and more server data which charges additional expenses to the overall maintenance cost of the server.

Maintenance and security: Maintenance of a Wordpress sites involves lot of codes and regular website data backups, and defensive software to prevent malicious attacks. Spending a lot of money on significant website projects and losing them to a virus attack isn’t a very thoughtful play. With as small as 150 dollars, one can uphold the security of the website.

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