Responsive Web Designs: Why is it Important for Your Website?

People nowadays are talking about responsive web designs for websites. But what is a responsive website and why is it important for your business?Creating a separate version for every screen size becomes difficult and is not feasible. People visiting the website will usually stop using the website if it does not support their devices. To overcome this, a responsive website is essential.

Responsive web design is an approach in which a web designer makes web pages render well on a variety of devices with different screen sizes as well as all screen resolutions, varying from a desktop monitor to a small sized smart phone or a tablet.

Design of a responsive web designs

The design and performance of a responsive web design should be such that it renders a satisfactory experience to the users. As this approach allows the design and code to respond to the user design screen, it gives the users an optimal viewing experience. A UI/UX designer achieves the perfect responsive website and a seamless viewing experience of the website across different screen sizes by making use of flexible images, fluid grids and CSS styling.

responsive web designs

With the rise in the number of mobile phone users in the past few years, it has become vital to invest in a responsive web design. More and more people are using smart phones rather than laptops and desktops for online shopping, banking and scrolling social media. In this age of competitive era, every business needs a website that works smoothly on all screen sizes with various browser widths with good performance.

Recommendations by Google:

In regard to responsive web designs, Google has been rewarding sites based on mobile friendliness rather than benchmark. A website that is fully optimised for the mobile platforms will rank higher on the search engine result page. Google has introduced mobile-first indexing in which Google crawls, indexes and ranks the mobile version of the website. This has not just helped with a responsive web design, but also a rich mobile website for your online business.

Advantages of a Responsive Web Design:

Due to the cheap availability of mobile phones and affordable data packs, there has been a huge shift from desktop users to mobile users. As mobile overtakes desktop internet usage, it has become mandatory for website designers to find the best ways to adjust websites perfectly across all possible screens in the market.

responsive web designs

Spending extra resources and manpower for a separate site is not feasible as there is a huge amount of content in the website and it takes a lot of effort to make amendments in separate websites. With GrayCyan, design firms Toronto, you just need one single site with dynamic and fluid elements for different screen sizes and resolutions. Let us take a closer look at the benefits of a responsive website:

Improved user experience:

The time a user spends on your site is indicative of the quality of user experience. If a user finds it hard to navigate the website, they will not stay on your website. Hence it is essential for your website to have a responsive web design as it will result in a better user experience. Your website should scale and respond to change in the screen size. This will make it easy for visitors visiting your website to easily access menus, links, buttons and fill out forms. An improved user experience results in more word of mouth referrals and new clients for your online business.

Increase in Mobile Traffic:

As per a survey in 2017, about more than half of the global web traffic originates from mobile devices. This goes to show that you cannot forego responsive web design. More visitors come from mobile devices and spend more time on your site, than on the desktop.

Faster Website Development:

Developing a mobile version of your site takes up a lot of time and effort. With a responsive website, you just need one set that works as intended no matter what device your visitors are using. You save up on cost, as the developer has to create one website, instead of multiple websites for different screen resolutions.

Easy to maintain:

With just one version of your website, your staff and development team will just have to devote their time and resources on managing one website instead of two. Hence, they will spend less time on maintenance tasks and focus more on marketing, customer service, content and product development.

No duplicate content penalty:

With two versions of your website, you are creating duplicate content. This can cause your website to have lower ranking on search engine result page as the search engines will not know which content is relevant. If you want both the versions to rank well, you need to invest more time and money in creating different SEO strategies and in producing unique content for both the desktop and mobile version of your site. With a responsive web design, you can avoid these problems.

Simpler Web Analytics:

When you have two different versions of a website, you need two different set of website analytics to keep track of multiple signup and thank you pages, conversion points and funnels. Your website stats are simplified with a responsive website, as you are staying at the top of a single set of data. You just need to read data from a single report to get an accurate picture about the devices and browsers your visitors are using, where they drop off and how long do they stay on your website.

Better Loading Time for websites:

Responsive websites with responsive images and fluid grids take less time to load, which has a direct impact on the time your user will stay on the website. This has a result on improving the conversion rates for your website.

Lower Bounce Rates:

A responsive website means that the visitors will stay on your site longer, which reduces your bounce rate. Visitors are more likely to click through and read other pages on your website and explore everything you have got to offer.

Better SEO:

A responsive website improves your search engine rank. The responsiveness of the website has a direct impact on the ranking of your website in the search engine results page. If your website is responsive, the search engine will place it higher on the results page if it passes the mobile friendly test.

More Social Sharing:

Another benefit of a responsive web designs is that it can lead to an increase in the social shares for your content. Responsive social media buttons make it easy to share the links to your website pages. This in turn helps increase the credibility of your website and exposes your content to wider audience. Increased engagement and search demand results in having a positive impact on your search engine rank.

responsive web designs

As you can there are numerous benefits of a responsive web design. If your site is not responsive, planning a redesign with a new layout is the first step. GrayCyan, design firms Toronto offers responsive web designs services to all its clients. If your website is unresponsive, you should consider responsive web design because of its immense advantages. If you are looking to build a responsive website at the best rates, feel free to contact design firms toronto for more information. Tel: 1(888)-WEB-DEV-0 , mail to: