SEO Consultant Toronto: How to Increase SEO Lead Volume by Almost 200 Percent?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is critical to the success of your website in this world of competitive digital marketing. To drive more sales, it is essential to rise to the top of search results. To earn more traffic and generate leads at the same time. Customers come to your website from different sources like e-mail, marketing and social media. And out of these, about 40% of product searches come from ‘search’. SEO is a long term strategy. Which means that unlike paid media, which starts to generate traffic the very same day. SEO consultant Toronto comparatively takes more time to develop.

Whether you are new in the e-commerce business, or are a seasoned marketer, we, at GrayCyan, seo consultant toronto can improve your lead volume. And help increase traffic to your website and in turn your sales, with some smart SEO lead generation techniques.

Some techniques:

1. Audit:

Auditing the site performance can work as a good way to assess gaps in your strategy. And help find opportunities for improvement. A detailed examination can give you a general idea of what you are doing right or wrong and will help your website get more leads.

2. Your website should be mobile friendly:

Google acquires more than 60% of the search engine market and has 54% of organic mobile traffic. A large percentage of e-commerce sales are completed using a mobile device. Hence it is important to have a mobile friendly website to perform well on search engines.

3. Target Long-Tail Keywords instead of short-tail keywords:

If you want to see significant traffic through SEO leads. Then you need to use long tail keywords that include two or more keywords or phrases instead of shorter keywords. Using this strategy can help you increase your organic traffic result to up to 200%.

4. Atomizing content:

Atomizing content means to make your long form content stretch farther. This can be done by including supplementary media to help distribute your post on various platforms. By doing so, you can expand the reach of your work, in turn generating more SEO leads. Including supplementary media like info graphics, videos, guest posts along with your original article can help your post rank higher in search.

5. Pay Attention to Social Media:

It is very important for your website to gather following on social media to distribute your content. Also, to secure new backlinks. Social media has a measurable impact on your SEO efforts. As it works as a great platform for networking and growing awareness among your clients.

6. Updating Existing Top Performing piece of content:

Updating new information in old content that has performed well in the past can help you increase your traffic by a significant amount. This can work as a great way to give it a boost in search. And add more value to clients who are looking for up to date information.

7. Broken Link Building:

This strategy is extremely effective and scalable and can help you increase your lead volume effectively. For this, you first need to find links that linked to the website that cover topics similar to your website. But have gone down. You can then contact the website or in case of Wikipedia, edit the entry in Wikipedia. And change the reference to include your own content and building a highly valuable backlink.

8. Taking Cue from your Competition’s Keywords:

You can analyze your competition’s keywords and their content. This is done to get an idea of what keywords are producing high intent visitors for them. This will not only help you save time but also help you drive your leads into sale opportunities originated from competitive research.

9. Creating Long Form Content:

Long form content helps you increase lead volume as it performs better in search engines. It means that you are providing more information to your users. You can fit in more keywords in a longer article and hence longer articles perform better than shorter ones.

10. Linking out to authority websites:

Providing reference of trusted sources can help you increase your lead volume effectively. You should find a way to link to authority websites within your content. This will make your page more valuable for search engines like Google. And will increase the chances that these websites will link back to you. 

11. Use Links to boost the page results on second and third pages:

Increase the number of internal links to the pages that are stuck on the second or third page. When you add useful information to your page, the search engine puts the website on the first page results. This in turn improves the ranking of the individual pages and helps increase the lead volume.

12. Transcribe  Audio and Video Content:

All your audio and video content needs to be transcribed to improve your SEO lead volume. Providing transcripts can add more content to your page. And can prove useful to users who cannot watch the video. Or listen to the audio and who want to search a specific subject.

13. Topic Clusters:

In this, a singular page or a pillar page acts as the main page for all the related content on the subject. The topic cluster model is an excellent way to push your content to the top. And to connect different pieces of content. This ensures that you cover all the topics completely and help you get more visitors on your website. Thus increasing lead volume.

14. Guest Posts for building high value links:

Guest posts not only have an impact for building high value links. But it also helps in fostering awareness from the audience as well. Guest posts play a very vital role in SEO lead generation. As it helps to generate leads on its own by catching the attention of clients and convincing them to reach out.

15. Diverse content:

Producing diverse content is a key factor in increasing the SEO ranking of a webpage. Varied content, with a mix of text, images and videos signal to search engines like Google that your website contains media rich content.

15. Optimizing landing pages for search:

It is important to optimize landing pages for organic search as it opens more pathways for SEO lead generation. Landing page should not include any navigation and should contain useful content based on the keyword.

SEO Lead Generation is a long term strategy that builds on its own. The number of leads that are generated through SEO increase as you develop more content. Using these techniques to generate SEO can help you increase your lead volume organically and help your website get more traffic. We at GrayCyan, a Toronto SEO agency, SEO firm Toronto and one of the top design firms Toronto, website design Toronto, seo consultant toronto and can help your website improve search engine visibility and lead volume flow from organic search.

We use the above techniques to help generate qualified traffic to your website. And help you increase your lead volume by almost 200 percent. We provide everything you need to grow your business online to outrank your toughest online competition. If you are looking for a Toronto SEO agency, seo consultant toronto, SEO firm Toronto or top design firms Toronto offering website design Toronto, feel free to call 1(888)-WEB-DEV-0 or e-mail for more information.