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SEO or search engine optimization is the process of designing and optimizing a website to attract visitors to a web page through organic search engine search results. Building a SEO friendly site ensures increased visibility of a website. Such websites typically get higher number of visitors, ones that are quality traffic.

Search Engine Optimization may allow a business to connect with people looking for its products and services. SEO is a technique that may make sure that a website is accessible to search enquires, and may help the business get better ranking in search engine results. SEO is an investment with typically high return, and can help a business reach its highest potential.

Everyone is looking for quick results, but one needs to understand that SEO is not a one-time deal, but an investment that requires maintenance to sustain results. One can expect to see results in as little as three months or sometimes it takes as long as eight months. SEO takes time, planning and re-optimization to achieve and maintain ranking and return on investment.

CMS stands for Content Management System. It is a type of software that is used for creation, management and modification of digital content. In simpler words, it is a tool that enables someone to build a website without the need of writing all the codes from scratch. Content Management system handles all the basic infrastructure stuff of a website so that business owners can focus on other important parts of their website.

WordPress is an open source content management system that allows someone to edit, manage and organize content on the web. WordPress was associated with blogs before but with time, the developers expanded the functionality of WordPress into a really easy to use content management system. It is an excellent platform for a variety of websites ranging from blogs to e-commerce to business portfolios.

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing can sometimes be used interchangeably, but both are different services. Whereas SEO aims to provide better organic search results, SEM is considered internet marketing and is a broader spectrum of SEO, which encompasses different options like SEO, paid listings and other search engine related services to send a more targeted traffic to a website and increase a website’s visibility.

White Hat SEO refers to the usage of optimization techniques for the human audience. White hat SEO are ethical practices or techniques, like securing inbound links, creating quality content, using keywords, etc., that are designed to garner organic search traffic.

Black Hat SEO, sometimes referred to as webspam refers to the unethical practice of using tactics outside the a search engine’s (or Google’s) Webmaster Guidelines. This technique yields fast but short term results by raising the website’s search engine result page ranking unethically or illegitimately by lowering the ranking of a competitor site.

SERP or Search Engine Results Page are pages that are displayed by search engines like Google or Bing in response to a keyword or a phrase query by a searcher. There are three types of listings on SERPs: listing indexed by the search engine’s spider, those indexed into the search engine by a human, and listings that are paid to be listed by the search engine.

Google penalty is an action by Google, which is put into place when Google has caught a website violating its guidelines. Penalties are there to punish websites when these have done something wrong like manipulating the search result. Google penalty means that a site is no longer listed on the SERP or the ranking of a targeted set of keywords has dropped dramatically. Google penalties make the site invisible to its target audience, which may result in drop in revenue and sales.

Web hosting is a type of internet hosting service that works on a specialized computing infrastructure that allows individuals and organizations to publish a website on to the internet to make their websites more accessible. Web hosting services are provided by companies, which have server capabilities. Types of web hosting include shared web hosting, website builder, cloud hosting, dedicated server, etc.

SEO uses strategies to increase the visibility of a page, ultimately may lead to more sales and revenue. The more content one publishes on a blog on a regular basis, the easier it is for SEO efforts to bear fruit. A regularly updated blog with fresh content is a great way to use keywords in the content. Content may attract links from other sites, which ultimately boosts site ranking.

Link building is the method of promoting a website through other websites by acquiring relevant, inbound hyperlinks from other websites to a web page. It is an essential element of SEO to achieve higher rankings for a website with major search engines and drive targeted traffic to the site. It should be noted that not only the quantity of the inbound links, but also the quality of the links help a website achieve higher ranking.

It refers to the process SEO professionals use to optimize a website for certain keywords. It involves finding keywords related to a website and then choosing the ones which may prove to be most valuable for the site, and that may yield highest return on investment. Keyword research involves competition analysis as well to analyze the strength of competitors for potential keywords.

Organic search results are the natural web page listings that show up when a user types a query in the search engine. Organic search results closely match with the user’s search query based on relevance and usually show up when a page ranks naturally high in Google results because of SEO. Paid results are mostly ads. Paid results appear as ads at top or bottom of a page, and are based on pay per click campaign. The right combination of both the techniques can help get significant traffic to a website.

A responsive website is the one which enables all web pages render well on a variety of devices like mobiles, laptops and tablets. A responsive web design ensures the design and development of the website responds to the user’s behaviour and environment based on the platform, orientation and the size of the screen. The designer designs the website in such a way that if a user switches from say an iPad to a laptop, the website accommodates itself for resolution, image size and scripting abilities.

A front end developer or a client side developer interacts with the front or the visible part of the website and is responsible for displaying the data and content in an appealing and neat manner. A front end developer requires a particular set of skills and knowledge to provide not just a seamless user experience to the viewers, but also to analyze code, design and debug applications.

A back end developer focuses on the working of the website at the back end, the part that is hidden for the viewers, but not to the developers or the admin. The main job of a back end developer is to monitor functionality of the website and to maintain the technology that powers the components which enable the front end to exist in the first place, along with making updates and changes to the site and with performing the testing and debugging of any back end application

A web designer someone who uses graphics and graphic design software to create look & layout of a website and ensure that a website looks good to keep the visitors hooked. Web design deals with the visual aesthetics and usability of the website, right from colour scheme and the layout to how the customers interact with it, also referred to as user experience (UI).

Web development deals with the non design aspect of building websites, which includes coding and writing mark-up. It involves the tasks like web content development, client-side and server side scripting, network security configuration that enables the functionality of the website as per the owner’s requirements, etc. Web development has two parts: front end development and back end development.

The success of any website is determined by good quality content that sets the website apart from its competitors and delivers the right message to its customers. Content in the form of text, images, audio and video is the most effective marketing tool to acquire customers. Without clear, relevant and keyword rich content, the website has nothing to give to people who are searching for answers online. Search engines may only serve web pages to the searchers, if these have any content. Hence, it is important to have quality content to target the right audience, and engage them to take an action.

As more and more people are on social media these days, it has become a great traffic generating portal where one can spread their views to millions of people in a short time duration. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter are a great way of reaching a large number of people through content promotion, brand awareness, local engagement and link building.

Google penalties can be avoided by a number of ways like trying to avoid putting excessive links on a web page, keeping ones website and content honest, keeping ones promotional links unique and minimal, not trying to overuse excessive keywords and auditing when in doubt.

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